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Computer - 6

Buying and selling products and services on the internet is referred to as
i) Internetworking ii) Internet relay iii) E-commerce iv) Internet marketing

Which one of the following is the odd one out in the list?
i) Lotus SmartSuite ii) Star Office iii) Microsoft Office iv) Adobe writer

Which of the following is a component of presentation graphics software?
i) Worksheet ii) Page iii) Slide iv) All of these

Which of the following is not a magnetic disk storage device?
i) Hard Disk Drive ii) Magnetic tape iii) Floppy disk iv) CD ROM

Passwords, security codes, error messages etc. are examples of
i) Input control ii) Output control iii) Processing control iv) Biometric control

The process of error rectification is called
i) Fixation ii) Debugging iii) Decrypting iv) Decoding

Instructions to start the computer are stored in
i) ROM ii) Cached memory iii) CD ROM iv) RAM

Which of the following is a benefit of the Internet?
i) E-commerce ii) One stop source for information iii) Virtual offices iv) All of the above

Which of the following fields is an example of a primary key?
i) Employee Name ii) Employee ID iii) Employee address iv) Employee designation

E-commerce helps overcome
i) Cost barriers ii) Time barriers iii) Geographical barriers iv) All of these


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