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Do it Yourself : Geography

Fauna is the
i) plant life of a region ii) study of Physics iii) study of Oceanography iv) animal life of a region

Light year is used to measure the
i) Distance between stellar bodies ii) Speed of rockets iii) Speed of aeroplanes iii) None of these

The "girdle of fire" refers to the ring of volcanoes around the
i) Atlantic ii) Mediterranean iii) Indian Ocean iv) Pacific

Echo-sounding is
i) method of measuring the depth of the sea ii) branch of study in Botany iii) a game iv) None of these

Arctic region is full of
i) water ii) land iii) rocks iv) ice

Chemical weathering results from
i) solution of carbonic acid ii) action of winds iii) effects of frost iv) expansion and contraction of rocks

Savannas are
i) vast plains ii) mountains iii) tracks full of tress iv) tropical grass lands

The term 'Ecliptic' is used for the
i) path of Earth around the Sun ii) Moon when eclipsed iii) Sun when eclipsed iv) None of these

A traveller is thirsty in a desert at 15 degree East and 25 degree South. The desert in question is
i) Patagonia ii) Mohave iii) Sahara iv) Kalahari

Pampas are
i) vast plains ii) tropical grass lands iii) mountains iv) tracks full of tress

Answers Hint: (last and first alternatively)


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