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Geography - 4

What is the correct term used to describe any town above 5000 feet above sea level?
Hill Station

Which is the highest mountain in the world south of Delhi?
Mount Everest

Which is the longest of five rivers in Punjab?

On which river does the city of Baghdad lie?

What unusual weapon appears on the flag of Mozambique?
An AK-47 semi-automatic rifle

Which river in Europe is sometimes referred to as "The Blue"?
The Danube

To which city would your father be flying if his baggage had the label 'CCU'?

The Opera House in which city is shaped like a giant lotus?

Which city was the first capital of the U.S.A?
New York, in 1788

By what name was the city of Volgograd formerly known?
Stanlingrad(and before that, Tsaritsyn)