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Which person has to stand throughout the day the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi?
The President

Name the two rivers mentioned in our National Anthem?
Ganga and Yamuna

Which rank in the Indian Air Force(IAF) is equivalent to that of an Army major?
Squadron Leader

What is common to these: coffee, dessert, soup, salt, tea and table?
Spoons: tablespoons, teaspoons etc.

Where would you find these: down, across, clues and square?
In a crossword puzzle

What pledge (starting with the word "I") would you find on Indian currency notes?
"I promise to the bearer the sum of...."

If you received a note from a friend with the letters I. O. U. written, what would it mean?
An informal written promise to pay (I Owe you)

What illuminated signs are lit from time to time in the cabin of an aircraft?
'No Smoking' and 'Fasten Seat Belt'