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Choose the appropriate word - 7

One who has good taste of food and enjoys it
i) stoic ii) curator iii) gourmet iv) parasite

A speech delivered without any previous preparation
i) empire ii) extempore iii) maiden iv) debate

Not suitable to be eaten
i) inept ii) infernal iii) inexorable iv) inedible

One who fully depends on others
i) Martyr ii) Novice iii) parasite iv) precipice

The room where dead bodies are often kept for postmortem
i) mortuary ii) matinee iii) obituary iv) oblique

i) fate ii) emotionless iii) dislike iv) afraid

i) policemen ii) detective iii) decoit iv) officer

i) enthusiasm ii) happy iii) overactive iv) politeness

i) oblige ii) improve iii) helpful iv) favour

i) beginning ii) not false iii) not old iv) inventive