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Choose the appropriate word - 8

I am interested ____ some other job
i) about ii) in iii) on iv) for

______ you apologise, I shall punish you.
i) Till ii) Untill iii) Unless iv) None of these

The dog has been _____ by the car
i) run for ii) run into iii) run out iv) run over

Vasant _____ to meet Arvind on the street
i) happened ii) has not iii) like iv) happen

What is the time ____ your watch.
i) at ii) in iii) by iv) on

He talks as if he ___ a fool
i) is ii) was iii) were iv) has been

Some of the luggage ____ not yet arrived
i) are ii) have iii) is iv) has

There is not much difference _____ you and me
i) between ii) among iii) for iv) in

He ______ since morning
i) will be playing ii) has played iii) is playing iv) has been playing

One of the _____ injured
i) players was ii) player was ii) players are iv) players were


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