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General Knowledge for School Kids - 11

Which of the following sport-term 'pairs' is not correct?
i) Basketball - dribble ii) Tennis - deuce iii) Cricket - service iv) Boxing - knockout

Lords and Wimbledon are located in
i) Sydney ii) Port of Spain iii) Melbourne iv) London

Sticks, short corner and hat trick are the terms associated with
i) badminton ii) hockey iii) cricket iv) foot ball

With which game are the terms free kick, dribble and throw are associated?
i) Volleyball ii) Hockey iii) Basketball iv) Football

Who among the following is well known for snooker?
i) Geet Sethi ii) Carl Lewis iii) Maradona iv) Saina Nehwal

Which of the following 'sport-arena' pairs is incorrect?
i) boxing-ring ii) tennis-court iii) wrestling-pitch iv) golf-link

Which of the following is associated with the National Football championship?
i) Durand Cup ii) D.C.M Trophy iii) Rangaswamy Trophy iv) Santosh Trophy

Which of the following is not associated with cricket?
i) Aga Khan Trophy ii) Duleep Trophy iii) Ranji Trophy iv) Prudential Cup