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Geography - 5

Which one of the following ports was developed first after independence?
i) Marmugao ii) Tuticorin iii) Paradip iv) Kandla

Which one of the following is the youngest folded mountain range in India?
i) Western Ghats ii) Himalayas iii) Eastern Ghats iv) Aravalli Hills

Rajasthan remains dry during South-West Monsoon because of
i) anti-cyclonic circulation ii) spread of sand dunes iii) lack of vegetation iv) none of these

Where are the Udaigiri Caves located?
i) Ahmed Nagar ii) Near Hampi in Karnataka iii) Orissa iv) Near Aurangabad

Which one of the following rivers flows through Maharashtra and Gujarat?
i) Tapti ii) Godavari iii) Sabarmati iv) Mahi

The Hundroo falls are formed on
i) The Kaveri ii) The Subamarehka iii) The Indravati iv) None of these

The process of disintegration of rocks without changing their chemical composition is
i) Oxidation ii) Exfoliation iii) Hydration iv) Carbonation

Which part of India is closest to Indonesia?
i) Andaman and Nicobar Islands ii) Mizoram iii) Tripura iv) West Bengal

Natural Regions of the World are
i) 10 ii) 8 iii) 7 iv) 9

The Salal hydroelectric project is located at
i) Salem ii) Jaisalmer iii) Dhyangarh iv) Tumkur


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