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Science Quiz - 9

Pyrometers are used to measure
i) temperature ii) altitudes iii) humidity iv) depth

The fourth dimension in Physics was introduced by
i) Neil Bohr ii) Einstein iii) Galileo iv) Newton

The hormone insulin which is used in treating diabetes was discovered by:
i) Brown ii) Hooke iii) F.G.Banting iv) Schleiden and Schwann

In Pathology, excess of white corpuscles in the blood is called:
i) Anaemia ii) Anoxia iii) Septicemia iv) Leukaemia

The molten material found inside the earth is called:
i) Obsidian ii) Lava iii) Basalt iv) None of these

Cholesterol is a:
i) derivative of chloroform ii) chromium salt iii) type of chlorophyll iv) fatty alcohol found in animal fat

Black hole:
i) absorbs all radiation that fall on it ii) does not emit any radiation iii) is an imaginary concept iv) convert UV radiation to infra red

Nitrogen fixing bacteria present in the nodules of the roots of leguminous plants are:
i) symbiotic ii) parasitic iii) saprophytic iv) protolithic

i) an igneous rock ii) sand stone iii) re-crystallised limestone iv) formed from changes of organic matters to inorganic one

Doctors recommend that food should be cooked in oil rather than in Vanaspathi ghee because:
i) oil is easier to store ii) oil is cheaper iii) oil contain saturated fats iv) oil contain unsaturated fats