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Indian History - 7

Who invented paper by using tree, bamboo and rags? i) The Babylonians ii) The Aryans iii) The ancient Chinese iv) None of these Which of the following played a very important role in the evolution of Civilization? i) Bronze ii) Gold iii) Silver iv) Iron The great tank now called "the Great Bath" was found in i) Lothal ii) Harappa iii) Mohenjodaro iv) Egypt The main occupation in the paleolithic age was: i) farming ii) hunting and gathering food iii) agriculture iv) none of these Harappan seals were made of i) Terracota ii) Iron iii) Lead iv) Copper Where did Lord Buddha preach his first sermon? i) Vaishali ii) Kushinagar iii) Sarnath iv) None of these Buddhist literature was written in the language i) Pali ii) Tamil iii) Sanskrit iv) Prakrit The Chinese Pilgrim Hieun Tsang visited i) Pandyas ii) Pallavas iii) Chalukyas iv) Harsha

Asian Games 2010

India finished 6th in the Asian Games 2010 held at Guangzhou in China, with total medal tally of 64 including 14 Gold , 17 Silver and 33 Bronze ASIAN GAMES 2010: Medal Tally

Current Affairs November 2010 - 4

Business Post Zain's acquisition , Bharti launches brand 'airtel' across Africa in 16 countries GM India to invest USD 30 million in 2 years Taj Gateway rated best 5 star hotel in Kerala Financial Stability Development Council(FSDC) to be setup to sort out inter-regulatory issues Apalya has tied up with Discovery Networks Asia Pacific (DNAP) to broadcast the bouquet of Discovery channels on Apalaya's mobile TV platform Canadian telecom giant Bell Canada , a subsidiary of Bell Canada Enterprises(BCE) to outsource voice-based projects for its internet, Solo Mobility, Bell Mobility and satellite TV divisions to India BMW to increase investment in India to $1.8 billion($4 million) by the end of 2012 and to start rolling out the X1-model from its plant in Chennai India signs $416 million deal for railway track in Sri Lanka Entertainment Video game legend Mario turns 25 People Raghavan Thirumulpad , eminent Ayurvedic and Naturopathy exponent ag

Essay: Accident do not happen, but are made

In this modern world of Internet and newspaper, the front pages are covered with news of accidents and death. A car is squashed in half there and a motorcyclist killed here. There are accidents everywhere these days. In land, air and even underwater accidents are very frequent. Accidents are caused by people's negligence towards rules and regulations. If everything is done in a proper sequence and order, most of the accidents can be avoided. Accidents caused due to natural calamities are negligible when compared to accidents caused by humans. Sometimes accidents are caused by emotions too. People drive too fast with bursts of anger, sadness and happiness overflowing in their minds and blocking the train of thoughts between their brain and eyes and hence they loose their sense of road and meet with accidents. Main cause of road accidents is the conditions of road themselves. A lot of holes destroy the beauty of an otherwise beautiful road. Lots of pits and humps and sudden animal

Current Affairs November 2010 - 3

Awards Paradip Port Trust Chairman Biplav Kumar received the trophy, as the Trust has been adjudged ' Major Port of the Year ' for 2009-10 at the Annual Indian Maritime Gateway Awards 2010 Ela Bhatt has been honoured with Global Fairness Initiative Award for helping over a million women in India gain access to opportunities for themselves and their families via., Self-Employed Women's Association M.G.Venkatesh Mannar , who fabricated the idea to fortify salt with iron, won a $50,000 cash prize at the 10th annual Tech Awards in California Oberoi Group chairman P.R.S.Oberoi has been awarded the ' 2010 Corporate Hotelier of the World ' award by HOTELS magazine in New York Asia Society New York has presented its Global Vision Award to Mukesh Ambani at an event honouring global leaders who help promote understanding between Asians and Americans Business SBI to acquire the 2nd Indonesian Bank Deloitte to invest $100 million in Indian market Jindal

World Current Affairs - November 2010

French bill to raise retirement age to 62, becomes law Saudi implements smoking ban , smokers nabbed Cost of Nasa JWST to replace Hubble telescope balloon Cadbury shuts its Chocolate Division in Kenya, moves production to South Africa Indian President Pratibha Patil to inaugurate new venue of Indian Islamic Centre on November 23rd 2010 in Abu Dhabi GM's IPO to create history Morocco imports 1.72 million metric tonnes of cereals Delta Air Lines to expand its international schedule with new and expanded service in Asia and Europe for spring and summer 2011 Australia approves Shell's giant floating LNG plant China to provide poorer households with subsidies in response to double-digit food price inflation

Computer - 7

Intranet : A private computer network that uses Internet protocols and network connectivity to securely share a part of an organisation's information or operations with its employees Extranet : A network or internetwork that is limited in scope to a single organisation or entity but which also has limited connections to the networks of one or more trusted organisations Personal Area Network(PAN) : A computer network used for communication among computer devices close to one person Local Area Network(LAN) : A network covering small geographic area, like a office or a building Wide Area Network(WAN) : A network covering relatively broad geographic area(i.e one city to another, one country to another) Network Topology : Signifies the way in which intelligent devices in the network see their logical relations to one another Ethics : Core values essential to acceptable online behaviour Copyright : Exclusive right to produce or reproduce, to perform in public, or to publish an ori

Economic Terms and their Meaning

Demand According to Prof.Benham "Demand for anything, at a given price is the amount of it which will bought per unit of time at that price" Kinds of Demand Price Demand, Income Demand and Cross Demand Demand Schedule A tabular statement of price-quantity relationship Demand Curves Graphical representation of demand schedules Law of Demand According to Dr.Marshall, "the amount demanded increases with a fall in price and decreases with a rise in price" Supply The quantity which a seller is prepared to sell at a given price and at a given time Supply Curve The relationship between market prices and the amount which producers are prepared to bring to the market Law of Supply The relationship between the price of a commodity and its supply Production The process of creating various goods and services, which are consumed by the people of the country Main Factors of production Land, Labour, Capital and Entrepreneur

Geography - 6

Mixed farming is mainly practiced in i) North America ii) Africa iii) Europe iv) Asia The Prime Meridian passes through: i) 180 degree longitude ii) 0 degree longitude iii) 90 degree longitude iv) none of these Which of the following is the warmest month in the northern hemisphere i) September ii) April iii) July iv) May The most important crop of Europe is i) Cotton ii) Wheat iii) Rice iv) Barley Which continent is known as the Industrialised continent? i) South America ii) Europe iii) Africa iv) Asia A narrow strip of land which connects two land masses is called: i) Isthumus ii) plateau iii) strait iv) pass What kind of soil is ideal for rice cultivation? i) Sandy ii) Loamy iii) Alluvial iv) Clayey The Himalayas in Asia is what kind of Mountain? i) The Fold ii) The Block iii) The Residual iv) The Volcanic

Books and Authors - 3

Gandhiji lived on a farm named after a famous Russian novelist, What is his name. Leo Tolstoy (Tolstoy Farm) Which series of Enid Blyton's stories features Kirrin Island? The Famous Five Who translated Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali into English? He himself 'All for one and one for all', was the motto of which famous fictional trio? The three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas. Their names were Porthos, Athos and Aramis Which great work was written by the dacoit Ratnakar? Ramayan (Ratnakar was the original name of the sage Valmiki) Which American writer was the first author to use a typewriter? Mark Twain Name 3 books written by Akbar. He was illiterate (He wrote nothing) How did Captain Hook get his name in the story Peter Pan? His left arm was bitten off by a crocodile , so he attached a hook instead The classic Satyajit Ray film Ghare Baire was based on a novel by which great Indian? Rabindranath Tagore Which story begins with the words: "Call me I

India Power Awards 2010

Category Awardees Life Time Achievement Awards Dr.D.V.Kapur,NTPC Jury Award A.K.Bajaj(CWC),Gurdial Singh(CEA), Jean Kowal(CIGRE), Alison Bartle(Hydro Power & Dams), Alessandro.Palmeiri(Lead Dam Specialist), F Lempeiere(Hydro Corporation), S.Padmanaban,Senior Energy Advisor(USAID), Larry Stephens,Executive Director USCOLD(USSD) Overall Utility Performance M/s Mercados,EMI & Dr.H.R.Sharma(Thermal & Hydro), Power Grid Corporation of India (Transmission), BSES(Urban Area Distribution), MGVCL(Non-Urban Area Distribution) Research & Technology Crompton Greaves Ltd, North Delhi Power Limited Energy Efficiency, Conservation & DSM Energy Management Center Kerala, Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd Social & Community Impact National Hydro Power Corporation, Enzen Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd Making a Difference at the grassroots Dasari Koteswara Rao(APTRANsCO) Innovative Financing Sorabji Godrej Green Business Centre(CII) Innovative IT & Metering Application Infosys, Relianc

Current Affairs November 2010 - 2

Automobile Nissan launches its 1st gasoline-electric(hybrid) with Fuga/Infiniti M in Japan, predicted mileage at 19kms/ltr Award Manu Joesph has bagged ' The Hindu Best Fiction Award 2010' for his debut novel Serious men Ashok Vyas , Indian American Journalist and program director with ITV has been honoured with the community award for his long community services and cultural and religious guidance . Vyas was honourned during the 20th Conference and 11th Annual meeting of National Indo-American Association for Senior Citizens at the Indian American Kerala Center in Newyork Business Tata unveils first Sirkosky-92 helicopter cabin manufactured at its facility at the aerospace and precision engineering Special Economic Zone(SEZ) at Hyderabad Oil and Natural Gas Corporation has been ranked the world's top oil and gas exploration and production(E&P) firm by global energy research agency Platts Yahoo has partnered with Samsung for Internet connected

Mark the correct meaning - 5

Laconic i) assured ii) unintelligible iii) immediate iv) terse and meaningful Cavalier i) negligent ii) incomplete iii) high-handed iv) courteous Flout i) to confirm ii) to scatter iii) to treat with contempt iv) to disbelieve Abase i) base ii) push iii) exalt iv) debase Gregarious i) vicious ii) untrustworthy iii) calm iv) company-loving Febrile i) shaking ii) senile iii) feverish iv) weak Tyro i) musician ii) dabble iii) serious student iv) beginner Clandestine i) secret ii) prearranged iii) important iv) hurried Disavow i) to disclaim ii) apologise iii) to swear to iv) to denouce Malign i) slander ii) disbelief iii) help financially iv)accuse

World Current Affairs

Cholera spreads to Haitian capital After India, Barack Obama heads to Indonesia on Asia tour Liberian President Sirleaf dismisses cabinet Dilma Rousseff becomes Brazil's first president and has promised to fight for women's rights with the battle cry: "Yes, women can" Barclays sets aside 1.6 billion pound for bonuses Indonesia volcano death toll jumps to 191 Obama arrives in Seoul ahead of a Group of 20(G20) summit Krishnan Parthasarathy , an Indian national based in Chennai, has become the lucky winner of a USD 2 million lottery held at the Dubai International Airport Google to give 10% salary hike to employees worldwide

Reasoning - 11

A is B's wife and C is A's sister. D is the father of C, while E is D's son. What is the relation of E to B? i) Cousin ii) Brother iii) Father-in-law iv) Brother-in-law I am 10th in the queue from either end. How many people are there in the queue? i) 13 ii) 10 iii) 12 iv) 19 Find the odd man out: i) East ii) West iii) North iv) Best A shepherd had 17 sheep. All but nine died. How any did he have left? i) 7 ii) 8 iii) 9 iv) 12 Find out the number, which when divided by 4 and added by 9 gives the answer 15? i) 22 ii) 24 iii) 26 iv) 21 Find two numbers whose sum is 26 and difference 4. Mark the lower of them. i) 11 ii) 10 iii) 24 iv) 4 Insert the missing letter A, D, G, J ..... i) M ii) L iii) L iv) K If 2 = 5, 4 = 18, 6 = 39, 8 = 68, then 10 = ? i) 81 ii) 54 iii) 105 iv) 95

MTV EMA 2010 Awards

Best New Act Kesha Best Pop Lady Gaga Best Alternative Paramore Best Rocks Thirty Seconds to Mars Best Male Justin Bieber Best Video Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg 'California Gurls' Best Hip Hop Eminem Best Live Act Linkin Park Best Female Lady Gaga Best Song Lady Gaga 'Bad Romance' Best European Marco Mengoni Best Push Act Justin Bieber Best World Stage Performance Tokio Hotel

Business Quiz - 8

Which company makes a 2-door car named 'Fox'? i) BMW ii) Audi iii) Volkswagen iv) Toyota 'Sugar Free' is a leading brand of artificial sweetener in India. It is owned by: i) Cadila ii) Ranbaxy iii) Dr.Reddy's iv) Cipla Numero Uno is a trade mark for: i) hotel ii) jeans iii) a vehical iv) a financial company Aquafina belongs to: i) ITC ii) Pepsico iii) Parle iv) Coca-Cola The car Golf belongs to: i) Suzuki ii) Audi iii) Honda iv) Volkswagen Which of the following brand belongs to Dabur? i) Real ii) Vatika iii) Anmol iv) All of these 'Tea City' is owned by: i) Brook Bond ii) Tata Tea iii) Assam Tea iv) Godfrey Philips 'Dettol' is marketed by: i) Johnson and Johnson ii) Reckitt Benkiser iii) Abbot Laboratories iv) None of these

Kannada Rajyotsava Award 2010

Award Winner Category Ullas Karanth Environment and Wild Life Conservation Prof.B.M.Krishnaswamy Environment and Wildlife Conservation Ayyappa Masagi Agriculture Hanumanthappa Siddappa kaaragi Agriculture C. R. Soragaavi Agriculture A. Ashwini Sports(Athletics) Ashwini Ponnappa Sports(Badminton) Vikas Gowda Sports(Athletics) K.R.Shankar Iyer Sports Shivanand Hombal Sports(Athletes) Kallappa Ramappa Picheli Sports(Wrestling) H.R.Gopalkrishna Sports B.Shantharam Shetty Sports Pramila Ayappa Sports Gopal Kharvi Sports Dr.K.V.Narayan Literature Dr.O.L.Nagabhushanswamy Literature B.R.Lakshman Rao Literature Dr.Lata Rajashekar Literature Dr.Lingapattanashetty Literature Dr.Neelagiri Talavar Literature Dr.Veena Shanteshwar Literature Dr.Durga Das Literature dr.D.A.shankar Literature Srinivas Vaidya Literature B.R.Chaya Singer Lahari Velu Singer Chandrika Gururaj Singer Shanthappa Mallappa hadapada Singer Manjula Gururaj Singer Gangadhar Modaliyar Media Hunasawadi Rajan Media Mahendra Mishra M

Current Affairs November 2010

Award Instituted by Malaysia Futuregov Asia Pacific , an independent trade journal. Karnataka Government has bagged the " Best Practices in Public Sector Future e-Gov ", an award event held at Malasiya Classical flute exponent Hariprasad Chaurasia will be conferred the Chevailer dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lattres , the highest civilian award in France, by the French government for his contribution to music on November 9th 2010 at the French Embassy in New Delhi by French ambassador Jerme K.Bonnafont Rao S.Anumolu , President and CEO of ASR International Corporation has been felicitated on winning 2010's prestigious Ellis Island Medal of honour , the highest civilian award in the USA for the immigrants Indian American researcher Amit Goyal has been named the ' 2010 Innovator of the Year '. Goyal will receive the award at the 48th Annual R&D Awards on November 11th 2010 in Florida Mallika Dutt , President and CEO of Breakthrough: Bring Human

Constitution of India - 3

Which one of the following is not a social evil? i) bonded labour ii) marriage iii) untouchability iv)dowry system The first general elections were held in India in the year i) 1949-50 ii) 1952-53 iii) 1950-51 iv) 1951-52 The constituent assembly of India was first summoned on 9th December. Which year? i) 1945 ii) 1946 iii) 1947 iv) 1948 The constitution vests the executive power of the union in i) The Council of Ministers ii) The Prime Minister iii) The President iv) All of these Who is the head of the Municipal Corporation? i) Mayor ii) Collector iii) Corporator iv) Commissioner The Sarpanch is the Chairman of the i) Panchayat ii) Zilla Parishad iii) Panchayat Samiti iv) None of these The seat of a member of Parliament can be declared vacant if he/she is absent without intimation for i) 30 days ii) 90 days iii) 60 days iv) 120 days The Panchayat Samiti exists at i) The district level ii) The Village level iii) The block level iv) All of these