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Business Quiz - 8

Which company makes a 2-door car named 'Fox'?
i) BMW ii) Audi iii) Volkswagen iv) Toyota

'Sugar Free' is a leading brand of artificial sweetener in India. It is owned by:
i) Cadila ii) Ranbaxy iii) Dr.Reddy's iv) Cipla

Numero Uno is a trade mark for:
i) hotel ii) jeans iii) a vehical iv) a financial company

Aquafina belongs to:
i) ITC ii) Pepsico iii) Parle iv) Coca-Cola

The car Golf belongs to:
i) Suzuki ii) Audi iii) Honda iv) Volkswagen

Which of the following brand belongs to Dabur?
i) Real ii) Vatika iii) Anmol iv) All of these

'Tea City' is owned by:
i) Brook Bond ii) Tata Tea iii) Assam Tea iv) Godfrey Philips

'Dettol' is marketed by:
i) Johnson and Johnson ii) Reckitt Benkiser iii) Abbot Laboratories iv) None of these


  1. Hey are you the one who also comes up with post Business Quiz?

  2. yeah i lined your link Business Quiz they are not this current affairs quiz i guess considering the two different approaches


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