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Constitution of India - 3

Which one of the following is not a social evil?
i) bonded labour ii) marriage iii) untouchability iv)dowry system

The first general elections were held in India in the year
i) 1949-50 ii) 1952-53 iii) 1950-51 iv) 1951-52

The constituent assembly of India was first summoned on 9th December. Which year?
i) 1945 ii) 1946 iii) 1947 iv) 1948

The constitution vests the executive power of the union in
i) The Council of Ministers ii) The Prime Minister iii) The President iv) All of these

Who is the head of the Municipal Corporation?
i) Mayor ii) Collector iii) Corporator iv) Commissioner

The Sarpanch is the Chairman of the
i) Panchayat ii) Zilla Parishad iii) Panchayat Samiti iv) None of these

The seat of a member of Parliament can be declared vacant if he/she is absent without intimation for
i) 30 days ii) 90 days iii) 60 days iv) 120 days

The Panchayat Samiti exists at
i) The district level ii) The Village level iii) The block level iv) All of these


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