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Essay: Accident do not happen, but are made

In this modern world of Internet and newspaper, the front pages are covered with news of accidents and death. A car is squashed in half there and a motorcyclist killed here. There are accidents everywhere these days. In land, air and even underwater accidents are very frequent. Accidents are caused by people's negligence towards rules and regulations. If everything is done in a proper sequence and order, most of the accidents can be avoided. Accidents caused due to natural calamities are negligible when compared to accidents caused by humans. Sometimes accidents are caused by emotions too. People drive too fast with bursts of anger, sadness and happiness overflowing in their minds and blocking the train of thoughts between their brain and eyes and hence they loose their sense of road and meet with accidents.

Main cause of road accidents is the conditions of road themselves. A lot of holes destroy the beauty of an otherwise beautiful road. Lots of pits and humps and sudden animals grazing on the road create unwanted obstacles for cyclist and pedestrians. People swerve hard and fast to avoid obstacles and sometimes it becomes life-threatening.

Another aspect is drunk drivers. Drivers drink and drive and when drunk drivers and our Indian roads shake hands, accidents are caused. Accidents can be considerably reduced if drivers control the intake of booze its good for both the person and the people around him.

Another cause of accidents is cell phones. People do circus tricks balancing cell phone in one hand, the other hand on steering wheel and eyes on the road and ears listening to the conversation thus the concentration is diverted in a thousand different directions. If the matter is something serious, momentary lack of concentration results in danger yet again.

Pedestrians are sometimes not only victims but also the main cause of road accidents. Some pedestrians walk as if they rule the roads. Continuous honking does not inflict any change in the behaviour of the people on the road. They do not move or budge. Finally the bottom line comes to the size of the vehicle. If the automobile is bigger, the damages become big. Sometimes it might even lead to the death of innocent lives.

If there is one thing in India that's hindering the fast development of the nation, is MONEY. Everywhere we go now, there's no work without money. Even basic needs such as food and water have become pricey. And when it comes to the streets, money takes the upper hand. If a traffic policeman is given additional money the person is allowed to forgo all traffic rules and are allowed to take a head start making all the other people waiting for the light to change. A little additional cash and the whole respect-level with which people look at us are changed in a jiffy.

There is lot of rules in India governing traffic but only a fewer of them are being implemented. It should be forced with full fledged determination. People should follow them without any crooked ideas and thoughts and actions. It should become the right of every Indian. The roads should be properly paved and made and the pedestrian crossings and walk ways should be made clear and visible. People should stick to the pavements and not waver out of the walkway.


Essay by: 
Ms.Shakti, Oman, Muscat


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