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Indian History - 7

Who invented paper by using tree, bamboo and rags?
i) The Babylonians ii) The Aryans iii) The ancient Chinese iv) None of these

Which of the following played a very important role in the evolution of Civilization?
i) Bronze ii) Gold iii) Silver iv) Iron

The great tank now called "the Great Bath" was found in
i) Lothal ii) Harappa iii) Mohenjodaro iv) Egypt

The main occupation in the paleolithic age was:
i) farming ii) hunting and gathering food iii) agriculture iv) none of these

Harappan seals were made of
i) Terracota ii) Iron iii) Lead iv) Copper

Where did Lord Buddha preach his first sermon?
i) Vaishali ii) Kushinagar iii) Sarnath iv) None of these

Buddhist literature was written in the language
i) Pali ii) Tamil iii) Sanskrit iv) Prakrit

The Chinese Pilgrim Hieun Tsang visited
i) Pandyas ii) Pallavas iii) Chalukyas iv) Harsha