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Current Affairs December 2010 - 5

Aviation ' Jal Hans ', India's first seaplane service launched at Juhu aerodrome Awards South Indian Bank bags India's Best bank-2010 award of the ' Businessworld-PricewaterhouseCoopers Best Banks Survey ' Business Japanese government approves nation's largest ever budget draft at 92.4 trillion yen ($1.11 trillion) for next fiscal year aimed to boost economic growth and increase jobs Bridgestone invests Rs.170 crore to make truck, bus tyres in India IGate, Apax set to buy 63% stake Patni Computer Fujitsu Ltd. to release smartphones in India and China in 2011 and 2012 respectively Direct-To-Home (DTH) service provider Dish TV to increase SD channel capacity to 320 and HD channel capacity to over 30 and also to increase total transmission banwidth capacity to 684 megahertz from the exisiting 432 megahertz Sun Pharma's subsidiary, Surya Pharmaceutical(Singapore) has acquired US-based ActivOn for $22 million BHEL bags 2 orde

2010 Mobile Excellence Awards

Best Mobile Innovator Ubidyne for Antenna Embedded Radio Best Mobile International July Systems for Indian Premiere League Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. for Transcede Best Mobile  Social Network Tap11, Inc. for Tap11 Mobile App Best Mobile Games Rovio Mobile Ltd. for Angry Birds Best Mobile Music Mercedes-Benz R&D North America, Inc. for Smart Drive App for iPhone Best Mobile  Campaign for Consumer Brand Best Buy for Best Buy Holiday Best Mobile  Marketing Campaign NBC Universal for Sprint & NBC Heroes "Slow Burn" Best Community Fan Content Bravo for Bravo Mobile Communities Best Content Extension made for Mobile Initiative for Lionsgate, Expandables Foursquare Best Original Content made for Mobile AEG Network LIVE for "We are the World 25 for Haiti" Best Mobile Product Kempler & Strauss for W PhoneWatch Best Mobile Service Opera for Opera Mini Best Mobile Application

Constitutional Terms

Bill (Law): Bill means proposed law introduced in the legislature for discussion. When passed it becomes law. Budget A statement of annual income and expenditure submitted to the legislature for its approval Cabinet First rank members of the council or Ministers  appointed by the President on the recommendations of the Prime Minister Constitution A body of fundamental laws and principles  according to which a country is governed.  It is a frame work within which a government works Constituency A body of voters that elect its representative  to a legislative body   i.e. for Lok Sabha or the Vidhan Sabha Civil Cases Cases concerning property, contracts and damage to goods in transit etc. Criminal Cases Cases dealing with theft, robbery, physical injury or murder Citizen A citizen is one who lives in a country and participates in the working of the government.  An individual cannot be a citizen of more than one country

Current Affairs December 2010 - 4

Automobile Mahindra launches 4*4 of-roader the 'Thar' BMW launches 'X1' SUV priced at around Rs.29.9 lakh Business IISc to setup synchrotron and R&D centre at Chitradurga, Karnataka Solar energy major Mosear Bear to invest $500 to 600 million over next 3-4 years to expand its manufacturing capacity of crystalline cells and crystalline silicon modules in India Accenture bags 42-month contract from Nagaland government for implementing the state's public service portal Gazprombank agrees to lend USD 200 million loan to Sistema Shyam Teleservices Johnson and Johnson Ltd. launches nicotine gum brand Nicorette in India Tata Chemicals arm, Bruner Mond , to acquire 100 per cent stake in British Salt for GBP 93 million (Rs.650 crore) Central Bank celebrates 100 years , to open branches overseas AT&T to acquire Qualcomm spectrum for $1.93 billion Ebay buys Germany's largest online shopping club, brands4friends for $200 million (

Mark the correct meaning - 6

Perspicacity i) love ii) faithfulness iii) sincerity iv) mental keenness Tendentious i) having an underlying purpose ii) combative iii) worldly iv) brief Jingoism i) love making ii) ringing sound iii) too much patriotism iv) alliteration Gourmet i) greedy eater ii) connoisseur of good food iii) teacher iv) vegetarian Clemency i) mercy ii) peace iii) cowardice iv) entreaty Diaphanous i) expensive ii) strong iii) clear iv) sheer and gauzy Erroneous i) dishonest ii) warning iii) foolish iv) mistaken Taciturn i) disinclined to conversation ii) stingy iii) gloomy iv) stingy Sycophantic i) bootlicking ii) sneering iii) surprising iv) unbelieving Abbreviate i) elongate ii) amplify iii) widen iv) shorten

Business Quiz - 9

Profession is much more than a: i) Career ii) Trade iii) Occupation iv) None of these Size of business unit is determined by: i) Technical factors ii) Financial factors iii) Managerial factors iv) All of the above Hindrances of risk are removed by i) Traders ii) Banks iii) Transport iv) Insurance Location of shop is not important for: i) Multiple shops ii) Super bazaars iii) Mail orders business houses iv) Departmental stores What is largely required for the longer period of manufacture? i) Current Assets ii) Inventory iii) Current Liabilities iv) All of these The first document sent by a supplier of goods is: i) A Quotation ii) A debit note iii) An Invoice iv) A Statement The written record of the business done at a meeting is called: i) Minutes ii) Resolutions iii) Point of order iv) Motions _____ is the method of payment (for the amount of work produced) i) Piece rate ii) Time rate iii) Bonus payment system iv) Salary Bicycles, Television, Watches and Automobiles are

Current Affairs December 2010 - 3

Award Lenin Raghuvanshi , an Indian human-rights activist to receive an award in the city of Weimar, Germany for aid to untouchables, prize money worth 2,500 euros($3,300) was awarded on International Human Rights Day Rajveer Singh and Hukum Chand , two forest guards in Rathambore risked their own lives to save the life of their senior from a tiger an their brave act has made them award winners in the NDTV-Aircel's "Save our Tigers" Campaign Infosys has been recognised as a winner of the Global, Asian and Indian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Awards for 2010, by Teleos in association with KNOW Network Automobile Yamaha launches superbike FZ1 Ducati to launch Diavel model in India by April 2011 Mahindra Reva Eletric vehicles launches its Revai priced at around Rs.3.10 lakh Nissan launches diesel-powered Micra Business India to set up 19 training institutes in Africa including foreign trade institute in Uganda and a diamond centre in Bo

Karnataka Olympic Association Awardees 2010

Archery Vandana B.M Athletics Nirupama Sunderaj Badminton Nitya Sosale Basketball Roshan P Thankachan Cycling Geetanjali Joteppanavar Football Shankar. S Gymnastics Lokesh. N Hockey Arjun Halappa Kabaddi Manoj.K Kho-kho Yogesh.N Shooting Kavita Yadav Swimming Shubha Chittaranjan Taekwondo John Victor.G Volleyball Jagadeesh.N Wrestling Mohammed Rafiq Holi Weightlifting Laxmi.G Coach: Swimming Nihar Ameen Media Photographer Sridhara.K.S (Vijaya Karnataka) Veterans Athletics Uday K.Prabhu Badminton Prakash Padukone Basketball Rajagopal.K Pushpa Kuttanna Boxing Manoharan.G Kabaddi Gopalappa.P Football Ethiraj.D Hockey Subbaiah.A.B Table Tennis Saikumar.B

SiliconIndia Mentor Graphics Leadership Awards for Embedded/VLSI industry

Best VLSI/Embedded Design MNC Company Qualcomm Best VLSI/Embedded Design Indian Company HCL Best VLSI/Embedded Design Startup Company Cosmic Circuits Best Electronic System Design MNC Company Cisco Best Electronic System Design Indian Company Tejas Networks Best Electronic System Design Startup Company Redpine Signals Award for Youngest Entrepreneur in Semiconductor space Notion Ink Team (Rohan Shravan, Rohit Rathi and Sachin Ralhan) Outstanding contribution to VLSI/Embedded Design Industry (Corporate) Wipro Outstanding contribution to VLSI Embedded Design Industry (Academic Institution) IIT Kharagpur Outstanding contribution to VLSI/Embedded Design Industry (Individual) Dr.Bobby Mitra, President and Managing Director of Texas Instruments India

Current Affairs December 2010 - 2

Award Consultancy firm KPMG bags the financial advisor award from Asia Venture Capital Journal Krishna Poonia , India's first woman to win gold medal at Commonwealth Games was conferred the Dayawati Modi Stree Shakti Award Scientist Carusita Chakravarty was presented with the Stree Shakti Science Award Sudha Rani Pandey , the first woman vice-chancellor of the Uttarakhand Sanskrit University was honoured with the Vidushi Vidyottama Stree Shakti Samman Indian origin, Akash Krishnan and Matthew Fernandez of Portland , Oregon have developed a computer algorithm that can detect a speaker's emotions better than current technology which has won them a $100,000 grand prize Business Sterlite Industries buys zinc mine in Namibia The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) has signed as agreement with London School of Economics (LSE) to help policy makers conduct research in formulating strategies to ensure long-term sustainable growth Blackberry maker RIM is buying Swe

Top 20 rankings of Fortune 500 Indian companies

1 Indian Oil Corporation 2 Reliance Industries 3 State Bank of India 4 Bharat Petroleum 5 Hindustan Petroleum 6 Oil and Natural Gas Corporation 7 Tata Steel 8 Tata Motors 9 Hindalco Industries 10 ICICI Bank 11 Coal India 12 NTPC 13 Larsen and Toubro 14 Bharti Airtel 15 SAIL 16 Essar Oil 17 Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. 18 Mangalore Refinery 19 Mahindra and Mahindra 20 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

Numerical Ability - 13

Which of the following is the same as 40/15? i) 5/15 * 8 ii) 40/5 * 3 iii) 5(10/3) iv) (30/15)3 The number of prime factors of the composite number 100 is i) 4 ii) 3 iii) 5 iv) 6 1/2 / 1/2 * 1/2 + 1/2 = ? i) 1/4 ii) 1/8 iii) 1 iv) 1/2 x : 6 :: 32 : 24. What is the value of x? i) 7 ii) 8 iii) 5 iv) 6 Square root of 12321 = ? i) 221 ii) 121 iii) 111 iv) 211 24/x = 4/5 implies that x equals i) 30 ii) 96 iii) 20 iv) 48 10% of 60 + 60% of 100 = ? i) 46 ii) 70 iii) 90 iv) 66 63 / square root of 0.0049 i) 12.85 ii) 90 iii) 1.285 iv) 900 By which number should 1497375 be multiplied to make it a perfect cube? i) 5 ii) 3 iii) 9 iv) None of these Sum of squares of 2 numbers is 145. If the square root of one number is 3, then find the square of the other number. i) 8 ii) 64 iii) 9 iv) 136

Choose the appropriate word - 9

The more your action and thought are allied and _____ the happier you grow i) integrated ii) invincible iii) divergent iv) unravelled It is not what you say that ____ but what you do i) moves ii) implies iii) matters iv) matches Most of today's workaholics are real cases of _____ i) wreck ii) experts iii) burnouts iv) frustration At present, all over the world, moral standards _____ to have fallen i) appear ii) started iii) intend iv) look A fool's tongue is ____ enough to cut over his own throat i) loud ii) sharp iii) long iv) quick The insects are a great nuisance ____ us i) upon ii) to iii) for iv) with The dress was guaranteed not to _______ i) shrink ii) diminish iii) shorten iv) shrink Who is the man ____ asked the questions? i) why ii) which iii) whom iv) who I hate sitting ____ him as he always smells of garlic i) at ii) along iii) beside iv) besides His conduct is bad, and his honesty is not ____ suspicion i) in ii) beyond iii) under iv) above

Current Affairs December 2010

Award Bopanna-Qureshi , with their message 'Stop War Start Tennis'. fetches the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year award during the ATP World Tour Finals at London Lata Mangeshkar has been presented lifetime achievement award at the Global Indian Music Awards(GIMA) 2010 Kumar Raman from Syntel has won QAI's software testing award at the 10th Annual Software Testing Conference 2010 for his paper titled 'Healthcare Testing for the Compliance Era' Book At 96, Khushwant Singh pens a book ' The Sunset Club ', that will be released on November 30th 2010 by Gurcharan Kaur Business Motorola to split into 2 companies on January 4th 2011. The split will result in Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions and businesses to focus on cellphones and Internet and other equipments Tata Motors has launched its mini-truck 'Ace Super City' in Thailand , to enter the Thai car market soon Qualcomm India to launch Broadband Wireless Access (B