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Business Quiz - 9

Profession is much more than a:
i) Career ii) Trade iii) Occupation iv) None of these

Size of business unit is determined by:
i) Technical factors ii) Financial factors iii) Managerial factors iv) All of the above

Hindrances of risk are removed by
i) Traders ii) Banks iii) Transport iv) Insurance

Location of shop is not important for:
i) Multiple shops ii) Super bazaars iii) Mail orders business houses iv) Departmental stores

What is largely required for the longer period of manufacture?
i) Current Assets ii) Inventory iii) Current Liabilities iv) All of these

The first document sent by a supplier of goods is:
i) A Quotation ii) A debit note iii) An Invoice iv) A Statement

The written record of the business done at a meeting is called:
i) Minutes ii) Resolutions iii) Point of order iv) Motions

_____ is the method of payment (for the amount of work produced)
i) Piece rate ii) Time rate iii) Bonus payment system iv) Salary

Bicycles, Television, Watches and Automobiles are example of:
i) Processing industry ii) Synthetical industry iii) Assembling industry iv) None of these

Computations is an electronic exchange are performed by:
i) Logical unit ii) Memory unit iii) Output unit iv) Control unit