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Choose the appropriate word - 9

The more your action and thought are allied and _____ the happier you grow
i) integrated ii) invincible iii) divergent iv) unravelled

It is not what you say that ____ but what you do
i) moves ii) implies iii) matters iv) matches

Most of today's workaholics are real cases of _____
i) wreck ii) experts iii) burnouts iv) frustration

At present, all over the world, moral standards _____ to have fallen
i) appear ii) started iii) intend iv) look

A fool's tongue is ____ enough to cut over his own throat
i) loud ii) sharp iii) long iv) quick

The insects are a great nuisance ____ us
i) upon ii) to iii) for iv) with

The dress was guaranteed not to _______
i) shrink ii) diminish iii) shorten iv) shrink

Who is the man ____ asked the questions?
i) why ii) which iii) whom iv) who

I hate sitting ____ him as he always smells of garlic
i) at ii) along iii) beside iv) besides

His conduct is bad, and his honesty is not ____ suspicion
i) in ii) beyond iii) under iv) above


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