Business Quiz - 3

Which of the following are the characteristics of services?
i) Intangibility ii) Inseparability iii) Variability and Perishability iv) All of these

Which of the following are the functions of labels?
i) The label identifies the product or brand ii) The label grade the product iii) The label describe the product iv) All of these

Which of the following factors contribute to packaging's growing use as a marketing tool?
i) Consumer affluence ii) Self service iii) Company and brand image iv) All the these

Which of the following are types of promotional pricing?
i) Loss Leader pricing ii) Cash rebates iii) Special event pricing iv) All of these

What are the probable sources of channel conflicts?
i) Poorly defined roles and rights ii) Perceptual differences iii) Goal incompatibility iv) All of these

Which of the following is a type of wholesaler?
i) Brokers ii) Merchant wholesaler iii) Agents iv) All of these

Which of the following are distinctive benefits of sales/promotion?
i) Providing incentives to the consumer ii) Providing information to the consumer iii) Invitation for transaction iv) All of these

Which of the following can be called as form of direct marketing?
i) Telemarketing ii) Internet marketing iii) Direct mail iv) All of these

Which of the following are functions performed by advertising?
i) Lead generation ii) Awareness building iii) Comprehension building iv) All of these

Which of the following factors are considered while setting the advertising budget?
i) Advertising frequency ii) Stage in the product life cycle iii) Market share and consumer base iv) All of these

Answer Hint: One common word in all the questions

Indian History - 5

Which former Indian Prime Minister had, in a way, celebrated less than 25 birthdays?
Morarji Desai(Born on Feb 29th)

By what name is Arjunmand Bano Begum better known in history?
Mumtaz Mahal

How is Miss Madeline Slade better known in Indian history?
Mira Behn

Which Indian city did Vasco da Gama first visit?

Which former Indian Prime Minister was a qualified natural scientist and earned a degree in botany?
Jawaharlal Nehru

In which part of India was Lord Mayo assassinated in 1872?
The Andaman and Nicobar Island

Who put a chain across the river Hooghly in order to stop a British ship?
Rani Rashmoni

How was the insurance agent, Moulvi Zia-ud-din better known?
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

'Karenge ya Marenge' (do or die) was the slogan of which movement in India
Quit India Movement

Which part of India was liberated from Portuguese rule in 1961?

Current Affairs August 2010 - 3


Mr.Ratan Tata conferred as 'Businessman of the Decade Award' on behalf of Indo-Israeli Chambers of Commerce

Priyanka Chopra has been appointed as the National Ambassador of UNICEF and would support in promoting child rights

Tejaswini Sawant becomes first Indian woman shooter to win a gold medal at World Championships


Tata Docomo launches pay per site data plan at Rs.10 per siteand Rs.25 per month

Wipro Infotech launches FluidState Data Centre targetting small, medium and enterprise businesses

Heading towards Silver jubilee of the Elite School of Optometry(ESO), Sankara Nethralaya has launched a distance mode course for opticians


V-invertor, a matchbox-sized device that can power homes during power cuts has been invented by Mr.Subrata Datta, an employee at the R&D center of CMC Ltd.

Amnajot Singh and Sahil Wadhwa students of Ryan International School in Delhi have created history by discovering the main belt asteroid named 2010 PO24 participating in the "All-India Asteroid Search Campaign"


Iran's first atomic power plant gets ready for activation outside the port city of Bushehr


A split innings 12-a-side one-day cricket format to be trailled in Australia's National one-day cup


Dell's Android based tablet launched on AT&T carrier

SHQ3000 SHQ4000 are the two new range of waterproof and sweat proof sports headphones priced at 1,999 and 2,499 have been launched by Philips