Business Quiz - 5

'Louis Philippe' is a brand of designer's men's wear from:
i) UK ii) Australia iii) India iv) USA

DIGJAM is a product of:
i) Oswal Enterprise ii) Tata Enterprise iii) Reliance Enterprise iv) Birla Enterprise

The brand 'Park Avenue' of cosmetic is produced by:
i) Ponds India ii) Hindustan Unilever Ltd. iii) Lakme Ltd. iv) J.K.Helena Curtis Ltd.

'Eno' is produced by which company?
i) Ranbaxy Ltd. ii) Glaxo SmithKline iii) Cadlia iv) Johnson and Johnson

The cookies 'Hide and seek' is manufactured by which company?
i) ITC ii) Nestle iii) Parle iv) Britania

'Real' juice are products of which company?
i) Dabur ii) Hamdard iii) Pepsico iv) Parle

'Fair and Lovely' range of products was launched by:
i) ITC ii) Hindustan Unilever iii) Procter & Gamble iv) Emami

The Odonil belongs to:
i) Dabur ii) Zandu iii) ITC iv) Emami

The 'Beta' range of pens belongs to:
i) Cello ii) Luxor iii) Pilot iv) Parker

'Close-up' owns the popular toothpaste brand:
i) P & G ii) HUL iii) Johnson & Johnson iv) ITC Ltd.