Current Affairs October 2010


Scientists of Indian Institute of Chemical Technology(IICT) have received awards from the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India(OPPI).
Dr.G.V.M.Sharma has been awarded OPPI Scientist of the Year award - 2010
Dr.K.Suresh Babu and Dr.N.Shankariah has been awarded the Young Scientist Award 2010


Netbiscuits to offer its customers with apps made for Samsung's OS-Bada

Huawei to setup $500 Million unit near Chennai

Google acquires mobile typing startup BlindType

Honda Siel Cars India launched 'Variant' priced at Rs.9.53lakh and Rs.10.25lakh

TalentSprint and Maveric Systems have jointly launched an advanced learning centre to impart training in non-functional testing space

NABARD has launched a SMS-based crop advisory and information service
(SMS Service:to farmers providing personalised and customised agricultural information covering crop advisory services, market prices and weather forecast to maximise the productivity and income of farmers)

Singapore Mercantile Exchange(SMX) to launch world's first international black pepper futures contract

Unilog launches logistics services across Kerala

Gammon India opens training centre at Kuppedada village of Srirangapatna Taluk, in Mysore

ICICI Bank launches Hindi version of its website


2-day realty expo to be organised at Udupi on October 9th and 10th 2010 which is expected to include promoters,builders,commercial banks and housing finance, solar product and cement companies


Leo Apotheker replaces Mark Hurd as HP's CEO

Rohit Kapoor(EXL President and CEO) would hold additional role of Executive Chairman of Board

A.R.Rahman to receive Indira Gandhi award for National Integration for the year 2009

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Business Quiz - 7

There is on General Law of Demand - the quantity demanded increases with a:
i) Stable price ii) Increasing Utility iii) Fall in price iv) Rise in price

India has least or nominal trade relations with which of the following countries?
i) Japan ii) Uganda iii) Britain iv) South Africa

By which bill does the Government propose collection of revenues for a year?
i) Supplementary Bill ii) Finance Bill iii) Economic Bill iv) None of these

Cheap money means :
i) low rate of income ii) low level of saving iii) low rates of interest iv) None of these

When too much money is chasing too few goods, the situation is :
i) Recession ii) Inflation iii) Stagflation iv) Deflation

'Interest Rate Policy' is a component of :
i) Monetary Policy ii) Direct Policy iii) Fiscal Policy iv) Trade Policy

Which country owns, buys and consumes the most gold in the word?
i) China ii) South Africa iii) India iv) USA

Debenture-Holders of a company are its :
i) workers ii) shareholders iii) debtors iv) creditors

Capital formation in an economy depends on :
i) Total Savings ii) Total Production iii) Total demand iv) Total income

After a great change in the price of a commodity, there is no change in its demand. The demand is known as :
i) very elastic ii) elastic iii) perfectly inelastic iv) inelastic