Current Affairs October 2010 - 2


Singh brothers to purchase 5 units of Hong Kong-listed Quality Healthcare Asia(QHA) for HK$1,541 million (approx. Rs.882 crore)

Alcatel-Lucent opens regional delivery center(RDC) in Bangalore to manage, operate and maintain multi-vendor fixed and mobile telecommunications networks based in India or anywhere around the world

India's (EXIM)Export-Import Bank has secured a $150 million International loan to help expand Indian exports to Africa

Tata-DoCoMo to launch 3G services in November acorss 9 cities - Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh(West), Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh


Vikram Singh Mehta, Chairman of Shell Companies in India to receive the Asian Business Leader Award(leadership and contribution of business in Asia) in London
Other recipients of the awards are Stephen Green, Britian's trade minister and ex-chairman of HSBC and Jack Ma, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba group

Tamim Iqbal named Wisden Test Player of the year

Vijay Mallya has been awarded the International Business Leader of the Year by the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards

London-based hotelier and Philanthropist Joginder Sanger has been given Incredible India Travel Personality of the Year award

Ex-Patni VP Rajesh Padmanabhan, has been appointed as HR Head by Capgemini


Transcend launches 4GB DDR3 DRAM modules using high-density(2Gbit) DDR3chips

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) 9.0 platform to provide mobility solution, package to include .NET and SQL Express

Western Union, has tied-up with State Bank of India to enable international direct cash-to-account transfer(SBI account holders will be able to route overseas money transfers directly in their bank accounts using mobile phones)

Facebook, Bing teams up to give online search a social touch

Auto404, a new online complaint system to get rid of arrogant autowallas

National Instrument has launched the LabVIEW 2010, the latest version of graphical programming environment for design, test, measurement and control applications

Microsoft unveils new phone with Windows OS

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Constitution of India - 3

All ministers at the centre are appointed by
i) The Prime Minister ii) Home Minister ii) The Vice-President iv) The President

State Governors hold office
i) During the pleasure of Chief Minister ii) During the pleasure of President iii) For a fixed and unalterable term iv) During good behaviour

The Attorney General of India is appointed by
i) The Vice President ii) The President iii) Chief Justice of India iv) The Prime Minister

Provision of employment to all comes under
i) Fundamental Rights ii) Fundamental Duties iii) Directive Principles of State Policy iv) None of these

The Finance commission is appointed every
i) 4 years ii) 2 years iii) 3 years iv) 5 years

The Election Commission is constituted
i) every 10 years ii) every 5 years iii) every 6 years iv) it is a permanent constitutional body

Who can participate in the business of Parliament without being a member?
i) Solicitor General ii) Chief Justice iii) Vice-President iv) Attorney General

The Governor of a State is responsible for his acts to
i) the President ii) the Lok Sabha iii) the State Legislature iv) the Prime Minister

The concept of Welfare State is found in the Indian Constitution in the
i) Preamble ii) Fundamental Duties iii) Fundamental Rights iv) Directive Principles

The first amendment made changes in
i) Directive Principles of State Policy ii) Election of Prime Minister iii) Election of President iv) Fundamental Rights