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Choose the appropriate word - 10

I wish I ____ a King.
i) should be ii) were iii) was iv) am

Can you pay ____ all these articles?
i) off ii) of iii) out iv) for

The student ____ that book from the library to study at home.
i) lent ii) hired iii) borrowed iv) issued

His new shoes ___ as he walked along the corridor.
i) creaked ii) squeaked iii) squealed iv) none of these

I ___ you to be at the party this evening.
i) desire ii) expect iii) hope iv) look forward to

He is greatly admired for his ____ behaviour.
i) decadent ii) decorous iii) decorative iv) decrepit

You haven't had your lunch ____ you?
i) are ii) haven't iii) have iv)aren't

He ____ to listen to my arguments and walked away.
i) disliked ii) denied iii) refused iv) objected

Although the two sisters are twins, they look somewhat ___
i) different ii) alike iii) unique iv) similar

The city was plunged ___ darkness due to a sudden power failure
i) through ii) into iii) at iv) under