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Choose the appropriate word - 11

The President's _____ lasted 3 hours
i) address ii) journey iii) speech iv) devote

A chemist in the older days was called a/an
i) alchemist ii) egoist iii) scientist iv) physicist

The box is too ____ for you to lift by yourself
i) big ii) burdensome iii) weighty iv) heavy

If you always ____ how can you know what others think?
i) block ii) interrupt iii) boast iv) oppose

Our first impression of the ____ is most lasting
i) rejects ii) projects iii) subjects iv) objects

It is human weakness to make ____
i) mistakes ii) noises iii) speeches iv) discoveries

It is very dangerous to ____ your boss.
i) better ii) call iii) displease iv) please

The sun is shining brightly please ____ the light
i) take off ii) put out iii) put off iv) put on