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General Knowledge for School Kids - 12

What is the total surface area of an adult's skin?
2 sq m(21 sq ft)

How heavy is an adult man's skin?
3.2 kg

How many number of cells are present in the skin?
300 million

What is the thickness of the thickest skin (on the soles of feet)?
4.7 mm (0.2 inch)

What is the thickness of the thinest skin (on the eyelids)?
0.12 mm (0.005 inch)

How many number of sweat pores does a person poses?
2.5 million

How many number of skin flakes are lost every minute?

What is the total number of hairs present on a person's head?

What is the average number of head hairs lost and replaced daily?

Why don't haircuts hurt?
Hairs are made of dead cells that are filed with a tough, waterproof protein called keratin