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Numerical Ability - 14

A wall of 9m long, 7m high and 26 cm thick is made up of bricks each measuring (25cm*13cm*6cm). The number of bricks required is _____
i) 8000 ii) 8400 iii) 7500 iv) 8100

The breadth of the room is thrice its height and half its length.The volume of the room is 4116 cubic meter. The breadth of the room is ____
i) 12m ii) 15m iii) 16m iv) 21m

The surface area of a cube is 450 square cm. The length of its diagonal is ____
i) 5cm ii) 10cm iii) 15cm iv) 20cm

The area of the base of the rectangle tank is 6000 square cm and the volume of the water contained in it is 2.4 cubic meter. The depth of the water in the tank is ___
i) 6m ii) 4m iii) 3.8m iv) 4.5m

7cms of rain, falls on 1.8 hectares of land. The volume of water that falls on the land is ___
i) 1000 cubic meter ii) 1100 cubic meter iii) 1260 cubic meter iv) none of these

If each edge of the cube is tripled, then its volume ____
i) becomes 27 times ii) becomes 10 times iii) becomes 15 times iv) triples

A river 1.8m deep and 27m wide is flowing at the rate of 2 km per hour. The amount of water that runs into the sea per minute is _______
i) 1500 cubic meter ii) 2000 cubic meter iii) 1810 cubic meter iv) 1620 cubic meter

The copper sphere of radius 1.2cm is beaten and made as wire of radius 0.1cm. The length of the sphere is ____
i) 2.5m ii) 2.3m iii) 2m iv) 1.8m