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Science Quiz - 10

Starch is digested by
i) hormones ii) blood iii) ptyalin iv) none of these

When iron rusts, its weight
i) remains same ii) increases iii) decreases iv) none of these

When water freezes, its volume
i) decreases ii) remains same iii) increases iv) none of these

'Rock Salt' mainly consist of
i) Sodium ii) Iron iii) Aluminium iv) None of these

Dialysis is used when a patient has serious trouble with
i) Lungs ii) Kidney iii) Liver iv) None of these

'Calorie' is the unit of
i) heat ii) light iii) electricity iv) none of these

Which one is absent in air?
i) Hydrogen ii) Oxygen iii) Nitrogen iv) none of these

Which of the following elements is found in proteins?
i) Hydrogen ii) Nitrogen iii) Carbon dioxide iv) none of these


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