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Business Quiz for MBA's (10)

The Oil refinery established in Panipat belongs to:
i) Joint Sector ii) Public Sector iii) Cooperative Sector iv) Private Sector

Index 'Residex' is associated with:
i) Land Prices ii) Share Prices iii) Mutual Fund Prices iv) Price Inflation Index

Name the brand which does not belong to the UB Group?
i) McDowell ii) Celebration Drum iii) Bagpiper iv) Teacher's Special

I-phone is associated with
i) Reliance ii) Apple iii) Nokia iv) Samsung

Nano knowledge city has been established at:
i) Jaipur ii) Hyderabad iii) Bangalore iv) Chandigarh

Which of the following owns the 'Easy Day' retail stores?
i) Reliance Retail ii) Birla Retail iii) DLF iv) Bharti Retail

Name the brand/company not owned by Sony Corporation of Japan
i) Play Stations ii) VAIO iii) Bravia iv) Xbox

Which of the following brands is not associated with footwear?
i) Bata ii) FCUK iii) Liberty iv) Lotto


  1. please send answers with these questions also-kuldeep

  2. Mr.Kuldeep answers are marked in Bold for the same.

  3. can u just publish business quiz held at school level

  4. Please update us on new quizzes about business. I really find them interesting.

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