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India - (Answers for Questions posted on Google Groups - Current Affairs Quiz)

1. Which Indian city would you be in if you were visiting the Ramoji Film City?

2. What is common to the following: Akash, Prithvi, Nag and Trishul?
All missiles are made in India

3. If an Indian Army Officer has 3 stars on his car plate, what is is rank?
Lieutenant General

4. Name the mode of transport both San Francisco and (Calcutta) Kolkata have in common.
Tram Cars

5. Over which Indian monument is it forbidden to fly?
Taj Mahal

6. If Hyderabad is famous for Pearls, what is Kolhapur famous for?

7. What are the words inscribed on National Emblem of India?
Satyameva Jayate

8. Name the material generally used for making national flag of India?
Hand woven khadi