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Mythology - 6

Which god is believed to have killed his parents at birth?

Which of the gods, gifted the Pandavas a magic pot which produced unlimited food during their 13 years of exile?
Surya - the sun god

What does the word 'Svaha' often heard during Hindu rites, mean?
Svaha is the wife of Agni - god of fire offerings to the sacred fire are made in her name to ensure acceptance by Agni

How many names does Vishnu the Preserver have?
1000 - The Sahasranama

Like Durga, Sita, heroine of the Ramayana is also known by several names. But what does Sita literally mean?
'Furrow'. Sita was discovered by King Janaka, lying in the furrow. When he saw her, he cried out 'Sita' and later named her.

In which scripture would you find the story of Urvashi and Pururavas?
The Rig Veda

Kubera, the Hindu god of wealth is supposed to have lived in a fabulously prosperous and beautiful mythical city. Which is it?
Alakapuri - also the home of the gandharvas, who are called Vasudhara, Vasusthali or Prabha