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IPL Awards 2011 (Golden Player 2011, IPL rising star)

Indian Premier League Awards 2011 Golden Player of the Tournament has been won by Chris Gayle from Royal Challengers Bangalore for his consistent performance with Bat. He has scored 608 runs in 12 Matches and had taken six wickets. Best Individual Player Award was been given to Paul Valthaty from Kings XI Punjab for his wonderful knock in the 2011 season. Rising Star award was clinched by Iqbal Abdulla from Kolkata Knight Riders for his performance with the ball. He has taken 16 wickets in 15 matches.

Mythology - 7

1. Who wrote Mahabharata? Lord Ganesh 2. Who is the moon goddess whose name means 'divine favor'? Anumati 3. What animal is Ganapathi's vehicle? Mouse 4. She has four-arms, representing the four spiritual virtues. Who is this goddess? Lakshmi 5. Who were the male guardians of the air, forests and mountains? Gandharvas 6. Which Indian festival is celebrated once every 12 years? Kumbhamela 7. Who is the god of the sun and brother of Varuna? Mitra 8. Who is the god of Pole Star? Dhurva


1. On which river bank is Goa located? Mandovi 2. Which state is known as India's Spice Garden? Kerala 3. Manikaran is a pilgrim site located in? Himachal Pradesh 4. Jamia Milia Islamia University is located in? New Delhi 5. Who wrote National Song of India? Bankim Chandra Chatterjee 6. Which river is located in Surat? Tapi 7. In which state did the game of Polo originate? Manipur 8. India reached the final of Davis Cup for the first time, in which year? 1966

Cannes Festival 2011: Cannes Awards 2011

Category Winner Feature Film(Palme d'Or) The Tree of Life Directed by Terrence Malick Grand Prix Ex-aequo Bir Zamanlar Andolu'DA(Once upon a time in Anatolia) directed by Nuri Bilje Ceylan Le Gamin Au Velo(The Kid with a Bike directed by Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne Best Director Award Nicolas Winding Refn  for Drive Screenplay Award Joseph Cedar for Hearat Shulayim(Footnote) Best Actress Award Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia Best Actor Award Dean Judardin in The Artist Jury Prize Polisse(Poliss) directed by Maiwenn Palme d'Or Short Film Cross(Cross-Counter) Jury Short Film Badpakje 46(Swin Suit) directed by Wannes Destoop

58th National Awards

Best Feature Film : Adaminte Makan Abu Best Actor : Danush for Aadukalam (Tamil) and Salim Kumar for Adaminte Makan Abu (Malayalam) Best Actress : Mitalee Jagpat Varadkar for Baboo Band Baaja (Marathi) and Saranya Ponvannan for Thenmerkku Paruvakkatru (Tamil) DOWNLOAD

Choose the appropriate word - 12

A _________ of stars were shining in the sky i) set ii) group iii) pack iv) galaxy Where did the police ______ their rifles? i) lay ii) lie iii) lied iv) laid The enemy was met with fire from a ______ guns i) shower ii) range iii) battery iv) string He used to write his novels, sitting in the middle of a ____ of trees i) set ii) clump iii) herd iv) cluster A ________ of Shakespeare actors visited the city i) heal ii) set iii) company iv) troop The artist arranged an exhibition of a ________ his pictures i) group ii) flight iii) parade iv) gallery The hunter had a _____ of arrows in his quiver i) faggot ii) bunch iii) set iv) sheaf A ____ of young, pretty girls were going to the market i) series ii) crowd iii) heap iv) bevy

Business Quiz - 11

Hyundai is a MNC from which country? i) Taiwan ii) South Korea iii) Thailand iv) Japan Which city is Europe's main bullion market? i) Rome ii) Zurich iii) Berlin iv) London Baygon is a product of: i) Reckitt and Colman ii) Hindustan Unilever iii) Reckitt Benckiser iv) Bayer The brand of spices owned by Dabur is: i) Catch ii) Homemade iii) Everest iv) MDH The herbal restorative Ristova is manufactured by: i) Zandu ii) Dabur iii) Shahnaz Husain iv) Ayur What is common to Tractor, Apex, Utsav and Touchwood? i) Soap brands ii) Paint brands iii) Heavy vehicle brands iv) Ply-wood The brands Eno and Horlicks belong to: i) Nestle ii) HUL iii) Glaxo Smithkline iv) Procter and Gamble What is the name of McDonald's clown mascot? i) Mack ii) Ronald iii) Goofy iv) Snoopy

The Sunday Times Rich List 2011

Top 10 Richest People in The UK Lakshmi Mittal and family (Steel) £17,514m Alisher Usmanov (Steel) £12,400m Roman Abramovich (Oil, Industry) £10,300m The Duke of Westminster (Property) £7,000m Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli (Pharmaceuticals) £6,870m Leonard Blavatnik £6,237m John Fredriksen and family (Shipping) £6,200m David and Simon Reuben (Property, Internet) £6,176m Gopi and Sri Hinduja (Industry, Finance) £6,000m Galen and George Weston and family (Retailing) £6,000m

Sports News May 2011

Novak Djokovic wins the Madrid Masters Tennis Championship defeating Rafael Nadal Petra Kvitova wins the ATP-WTA Madrid Masters by defeating Victoria Azarenka Sabastian Vettel wins the Turkish Grand Prix Mary Kom wins her first gold medal in the Asian Cup Women's Boxing Tournament in Haikou,China AC Milan wins the 18th Serie A Title Football championship at Roma Saina Nehwal loses to World number 3 Xin Wang in the Final of Malaysian Open Grandprix Gold Badminton tournament Shane Warne will retire from Indian Premier League as a player after the IPL 2011 Season

Fastest fifty in IPL 2011

RCB scored a blistering 50 in just 2.5 overs. Glorious Knock from Chris Gayle had helped RCB to create the record.. RCB scored 37 runs in one over. RCB won the match by scoring 128 runs in just 13.1 overs. Dilshan was the top scorer with 52 runs RCB is the first team to initiate the GO Green campaign in the IPL.

Aon Corporation's 7th Best Employers in India 2011

25 best employers in India 1. Hindustan Unilever 13. Dr.Reddy's Laboratories 2. Aditya Brila Group 14. Whirlpool India 3. LG Electronics India 15. Maruti Suzuki India 4. Godrej Consumer Products 16. Canon India 5. Bharti Airtel 17. Ford India 6. NTPC 18. Tata Teleservices Ltd. 7. Becton Dickinson India 19. Mindtree Ltd. 8. Aircel 20. NIIT 9. Wipro 21. Tata Steel 10. Marriott India 22. Jubliant Foodworks Ltd. 11. Kotak Mahindra 23. Cognizant Technologies Solutions 12. Scope International 24. First Source 25. Aegis Ltd.

Economic Quiz - Basic

Who is known as father of Economics? Adam Smith Who was the first economist to define the welfare-oriented definition of Economics? Alfred Marshall Who wrote the famous book “The nature and Causes of Wealth of Nations”? Adam Smith Who has written the book “Nature and Significance of Economic Science”? Lionell Robbins What is the definition given by Adam Smith? “The study of the nature and causes of the wealth of nations”. Which economist has defined Economics as a science of scarcity? Lionell Robbins Who has defined Economics as “The science which treats of wealth? J.B.Say Economics has been classified into how many types? Economics has been classified into two types. Namely a)       Micro Economics b)       Macro Economics

Reasoning - 12 (for bank exams)

Coconut : Kerala :: Saffron : ? Jammu and Kashmir Horse : Neighs :: Sheep : ? Bleats Push :: Pull :: Throw : ? Keep Ankle : Knee :: Wrist : ? Elbow Disease : Medicine :: Famine : ? Rainfall Calcium : Bone :: Retinal : ? Eyes New Zealand : Britain of South :: Holyland : ? Palestine Chant : Sing :: Chatter : ? Talk

Kids Choice Awards 2011

Favorite TV Show iCarly Favorite Reality Show American Idol Favorite Cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants Favorite TV Actor Dylan Sprouse Favorite TV Actress Selena Gomez Favorite TV Sidekick Jennette McCurdy Favorite Movie The Karate Kid Favorite Movie Actor Johnny Depp Favorite Movie Actress Miley Cyrus Favorite Animated Movie Despicable Me Favorite voice  from an Animated Movie Eddie Murphy (Shrek Forever After) Favorite Buttkicker Jackie Chan Favorite Male Athlete Shaquille O'Neal Favorite Female Athlete Lindsay Vonn Favorite Music Group Black Eyed Peas Favorite Female Singer Katy Perry Favorite Male Singer Justin Bieber Favorite Song Baby (Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris) Favorite Book Dairy of a Wimpy Kid Series Favorite Video Game Just Dance 2

Light of India Awards 2011

Corporate Leadership Jury Award - Ajay Banga People's Award - Vikram Pandit Business Leadership Jury Award - Vinod Khosla People's Award - Naveen Jain Political Leadership Jury Award - Ruby Dhalla People's Award - Swati Dandekar Science and Technology Jury and People's Award - Vinod Dham Power of Influence - Narasimha Chari and Shiladitya Sengupta Journalism and Literature Jury Award - Chitra B.Divakaruni People's Award - Vikram Seth Power of Influence - Salman Rushdie Arts and Entertainment Jury and People's Award - Mira Nair

Train Quiz

Which scientist called his steam locomotive as "Catch me who can"? Richard Trevithick Between which two stations was the first passenger train run? Stockton and Darlington Where was the first intercity railways started? Between Liverpool and Manchester in 1830 Where was the first underground train started its service? London in 1863 Who build the first electric passenger train in the world? Werner von Siemens in 1879 What is the speed of the fastest train in the world? 581 km/hr or 361 mph Which is the world's deepest railways tunnel? Seikan Tunnel (240 mts below sea level) Which is the busiest Train station in the world? Sinjuku Station in Tokyo Which railway Station has the Worlds longest Railway platform ? Kharagpur Railway Station, India (1.07 kms)

Infosys new Chairman Mr.K.V.Kamath (Infosys Management changes )

Mr.K.V.Kamath has been appointed as the new Chairman of reputed software company Infosys. This announcement was made by the Board on 30th April,2011. Mr.Kamath will be taking charge with effect from 21st August,2011. The other changes in Management are : 1) Mr.Shibulal who is working currently as COO will be working as MD and CEO 2) Mr.Kris Gopalakrishnan who is presently working as CEO will be working as Executive Co-Chairman

Infosys Company Highlights

Infosys was founded in the year 1981 (2nd July). Tagline - Building Tomorrow's Enterprise Powered by intellect driven by values (Earlier tagline) Founders of the company includes : a) Mr.N.R. Narayan Murthy b) Mr.Nandan Nilekani c) Mr.Kris Gopalakrishnan d) Mr.Shibulal e) Mr.K.Dinesh f) Mr. Ashok Arora g) Mr.N.S.Raghavan Infosys was the first Indian company to get listed in NASDAQ stock Exchange Infosys was the first Indian company which introduced Employee Stock Option (ESOP)