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Business Quiz - 11

Hyundai is a MNC from which country?
i) Taiwan ii) South Korea iii) Thailand iv) Japan

Which city is Europe's main bullion market?
i) Rome ii) Zurich iii) Berlin iv) London

Baygon is a product of:
i) Reckitt and Colman ii) Hindustan Unilever iii) Reckitt Benckiser iv) Bayer

The brand of spices owned by Dabur is:
i) Catch ii) Homemade iii) Everest iv) MDH

The herbal restorative Ristova is manufactured by:
i) Zandu ii) Dabur iii) Shahnaz Husain iv) Ayur

What is common to Tractor, Apex, Utsav and Touchwood?
i) Soap brands ii) Paint brands iii) Heavy vehicle brands iv) Ply-wood

The brands Eno and Horlicks belong to:
i) Nestle ii) HUL iii) Glaxo Smithkline iv) Procter and Gamble

What is the name of McDonald's clown mascot?
i) Mack ii) Ronald iii) Goofy iv) Snoopy