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Choose the appropriate word - 12

A _________ of stars were shining in the sky
i) set ii) group iii) pack iv) galaxy

Where did the police ______ their rifles?
i) lay ii) lie iii) lied iv) laid

The enemy was met with fire from a ______ guns
i) shower ii) range iii) battery iv) string

He used to write his novels, sitting in the middle of a ____ of trees
i) set ii) clump iii) herd iv) cluster

A ________ of Shakespeare actors visited the city
i) heal ii) set iii) company iv) troop

The artist arranged an exhibition of a ________ his pictures
i) group ii) flight iii) parade iv) gallery

The hunter had a _____ of arrows in his quiver
i) faggot ii) bunch iii) set iv) sheaf

A ____ of young, pretty girls were going to the market
i) series ii) crowd iii) heap iv) bevy