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Train Quiz

Which scientist called his steam locomotive as "Catch me who can"?

Richard Trevithick

Between which two stations was the first passenger train run?

Stockton and Darlington

Where was the first intercity railways started?

Between Liverpool and Manchester in 1830

Where was the first underground train started its service?

London in 1863

Who build the first electric passenger train in the world?

Werner von Siemens in 1879

What is the speed of the fastest train in the world?

581 km/hr or 361 mph

Which is the world's deepest railways tunnel?

Seikan Tunnel (240 mts below sea level)

Which is the busiest Train station in the world?

Sinjuku Station in Tokyo

Which railway Station has the Worlds longest Railway platform ?

Kharagpur Railway Station, India (1.07 kms)