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ATM withdrawal norms in India from 1st July 2011

5 Free ATM transactions including Balance Enquiry, PIN Change etc . Financial Transaction or Withdrawal of money beyond 5 transactions customer to be charged Rs.20 per transaction Non-Financial Transaction , a customer to be charged Rs.8.5 per transaction Wrongly debited amount to be credited to customer's account within 7 days failing which a bank would have to pay Rs.100 per day , provided the complaint was logged within 30 days of transaction

Science Quiz - Biology quiz

What is the common name for Vicia Fabe? Broad Bean What is the other name of the plants which is also called as Gramineae? Grasses What is the other name for leaf? Phyllode Who is the Father of Taxonomy? Carlus Linnaeus What is the top of the flower stalk called? Receptacle What is the name of the fruit of rose is called as? Hip The name given to the division of nucleus of a cell is? Karyokinesis Which apparatus is used to measure the growth of the plants? Auxanometer

IIFA(International Indian Film Academy) Awards 2011

Best Film Dabangg Best Performance Leading Role(Male) Shahrukh Khan-My Name is Khan Best Performance Leading Role(Female) Anushka Sharma-Band Baaja Baaraat Best Direction Karan Johar-My Name is Khan Best Performance Comic Role Rithesh Deshmukh Best Performance Negative Role Sonu Sood Best Performance Supporting Role(Male) Arjun Rampal -Rajneeti Best Performance Supporting Role(Female) Prachi Desai-Once upon a time in Mumbai Debut of the Year(Male) Ranveer Singh Debut of the Year(Female) Sonakshi Sinha Best Story Shivani Bhatia-My Name is Khan Best Lyrics Niranjan Iyengar-Sajda and Noor-e-Khuda-My name is Khan Playback Singer(Male) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan -Tere Mast Mast Do Nain Playback Singer(Female) Mamta Sharma-Munni Badnaam hui Music Direction Sajid Wajid,Lalit Pandit Cinematographer Sudeep Chaterjee-Gujaarish Editing Namrata Rao-Band Baaja Baaraat Art Director Sabu Cyril-Robot Choreography Farah Khan-Dabangg Action S.Vijayan-

Current Affairs June 2011 - 2

Which ID is now valid ID proof for LPG gas connection in India? Aadhaar Which grammy award nominee is all set to perform at IIFA? Jermaine Jackson Who has been promoted as VP of Wipro? Rishad Premji Under which category India won gold at Cannes Lions? Design category With which country India inked pact to boost apparel, textile industry? Russia Which award did Sunil Mittal receive recently? INSEAD award Which is the latest launch from Research In Motion (RIM) in India? BlackBerry Playbook Which software training major has decided to setup 100 One World centres in a year's time? NIIT Who has been unanimously re-elected as UN chief? Ban Ki-moon Toyota is all set to launch its latest model in India. Which is it? Etios Liva Who has been elected as Captain of New Zealand Cricket for all 3 formats of game? Ross Taylor Which airbus was grounded for clipping a wing at the Paris Air Show recently? A380 Which actor of Jackass movie was killed in car accide

Current Affairs June 2011

When is the Champions League Twenty20 2011 scheduled? September 23rd to October 9th 2011 Which company has stuck a deal with British Library to digitise books? Google Which former Vice-Chairman of Hindustan Unilever Limited is all set to join Wipro Board? Mahendra Kumar Sharma Which two stocks of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group has BSE decided to take out of the elite sensex index? RCOM and R-Infra Which Amir Khan movie celebrated 10 years recently? Lagaan When was World No Tobacco day observed? May 31st Who has been appointed as head of UN Change Management Team? Atul Khare Which Under-19 cricketer drowned in Ganga recently? Shamsher Singh Yadav How many satellites has India planned to launch in next 2 years? 12 What is the name of the insurance plan launched by LIC recently? Jeevan Arogya Who won the 5th ODI in India vs West Indies match played at Jamaica? West Indies Which Olympic boxer was shot dead in Pakistan recently? Abrar Hussain Whic

Champions League Twenty20 2011 - In Brief

Number of Participating Teams 13 Venue - Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata Event Date - September 23rd to October 9th 2011 Teams Qualified Automatically - Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Mumbai Indians, South Australian Redbacks, New South Wales Blues, Warriors and Cape Cobras 6-Team Qualifier to be held at Hyderabad from September 19th to 21st 2011

Numerical Ability for bank po exams (16)

1. Express 12.5 percent as fraction. 1/8 2. Ajay earns 10% more than Bijay but 15% less than Cathy. If Bijay earns Rs.85/-, then Cathy earns? Ajay's earnings = 85 + 10% of 85 = 93.5. So, Cathy's earnings = 93.5/85 * 100 = 110   3. 6 4/7 +8 2/5 - 5 3/4 = ? 9 31/140 4. If Rs.91/- is divided among P, Q, R in the ratio 1 1/2 : 3 1/3 : 2 3/4, Q will get? Q's share Rs.40 5. Average of 6 numbers is 8, what number should be added to it to make the average 9? 15 6. 40 is what percent of 1200? 3 1/3 7. The H.C.F of two numbers is 11 and their L.C.M is 7700. If one of the numbers is 275, the other is? 308 8. In a triangle ABC, AB = AC = 2.5cm, BC = 4cm. Find the height from A to the opposite base. 1.5cm

DRDO Awards 2011

Award Winner Agni Award for Excellence in self-reliance A K Singh(LRDE) M Z Siddique(GTRE) Performance Excellence Award P S Krishnan DRDO Scientist of the Year Dipti Deodhare(CAIR) Padmavati(ADA) P Sivakumar(CVRDE) K S Premavalli(DFRL) M S Easwaran(CABS) Maheshwara Reddy(DARE) The Defence Technology Spin-off Award Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore

Top 50 Engineering Colleges in India in 2011

Rank Name of College Rank Name of College 1 IIT-Bombay 26 DA-IICT,Ahmedabad 2 IIT-Delhi 27 JNTU-Hyderabad 3 IIT-Madras 28 PSG Tech, Coimbatore 4 IIT-Kanpur 29 VNIT-Nagpur 5 IIT-Kharagpur 30 NIT-Jamshedpur 6 IIT-Roorkee 31 College of Engineering, Pune 7 IIT-Guwahati 32 HBTI, Kanpur 8 IT-BHU, Varanasi 33 NIT-Kurukshetra 9 BITS, Pilani 34 Thiagarajar CoE, Madurai 10 Jadavpur University, Jadavpur 35 NIT-Durgapur 11 Anna University, Chennai 36 Amrita University, Coimbatore 12 NIT-Tiruchirapalli 37 PEC University of Tech, Chandigarh 13 NIT-Rourkela 38 MIT, MAnipal 14 BIT-Mesra 39 Nirma University-IT, Ahmedabad 15 ISM-Dhanbad 40 IIIT-Allahabad 16 VIT University, Vellore 41 SVNIT-Surat 17 Thapar University, Patiala 42 VJTI-Mumbai 18 NIT-Warangal 43 PES Institute of Tech, Bangalore 19 NIT-Surathkal 44 Sir MV Insititute of Tech, Bangalore 20 NSIT-New Delhi 45 MANIT, Bhopal 21 IIIT-Hyderabad 46 NIT-Hamirpur 22 ICT Mumbai(UDCT) 47

Insurance Quiz - 2

1. Insurance policies carry special exemption from customs duty 2. Fire insurance was originated from Austria 3. The oldest form of insurance is   Non-life insurance 4. The first insurance company was established in India in the year   1610 5. Insurable interest has to be a   trustee protected 6. Lumpsum payment of premium is made under fire insurance 7. Liability Insurance is a classification based on risk involved 8. An insurance agent for a life insurer is called corporate agent 

20th annual MTV Movie Awards

Best Movie The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Best Male Performance Robert Pattinson,  The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Best Female Performance Kristen Stewart,  The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Best Kiss Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Best Fight Robert Pattinson vs. Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel,  The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Best breakout star Chloe Grace Moretz, Kick-Ass Biggest badass star Chole Grace Moretz, Kick-Ass Best comedy performance Emma Stone, Easy A Best line from a movie Alexys Nycole Sanchez,  I want to get chocolate wasted  (from Grownups) Best Villian Tom Felton, Harry Potter and  the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 Best jaw dropping moment Justin Bieber, Never say never

French Open 2011 Results

Men's Singles Rafal Nadal Women's Singles Li Na Men's Doubles Max Mirnyi and Daniel Nestor Women's Doubles  Andrea Hlavakova and Lucie Hradecka Mixed Doubles Casey Dellacqua and Scott Lipsky


1. In which year was MIDI introduced? 1983 2. In which decade was telephone invented? 1870s 3. In which decade was Internet first implemented? 1960s 4. When were the blue jeans invented? 1850s 5. When was toothbrush invented? 1770 6. When were bar code scanners invented? 1970s 7. Who invented battery? Alessandro Volta 8. When was the first elevator built? 1743

Sports Quiz

1. In tennis, what is 'no man's land'? Midcourt (neither at the net nor the baseline) 2. Which track and field event is known as 'Suicide in 10 installments'? The Decathlon , a gruelling event 3. The highest belt in Karate is black. What is the colour of the lowest belt? White 4. Excluding the striker, how many pieces are there on the board when a carrom game starts? 19 5. What are the 2 basic categories in diving events at the Olympic Games? Platform (or highboard) and Spring board 6. What is the colour a the centre of an archery target? Gold 7. What are the colours of the chequered flag waved at the end of a motor race? Black and White 8. Which game is played in 3 varieties - horse, cycle and elephant? Polo

BCCI Cricket Awards 2010-11

Sachin Tendulkar India's Cricketer of the Year Salim Durani Lifetime Achievement Award Manish Pandey Highest run scorer in Ranji Trophy Abhimanyu Mithun Highest Wicket-taker in Ranji Trophy M D Thirushkamini Best Woman Cricketer K Hariharan Best Umpire Maharashtra Best Overall Performance

History Quiz

1. If Pataliputra is to Patna, then Kashi is to which city? Varanasi 2. There are 2 main entrances to the Fathepur Sikri, one is the Shahi Darwaza. Name the other. The Buland Darwaza 3. The largest Mangrove forest in the world lies in Eastern India. What is it called? The Sunderbans 4. The Mughal Emperor in 1803 was blind. Name him. Shah Alam 5. Which Indian monument, located in Delhi, was built by the British in memory of 90,000 soldiers killled during World War I? India Gate 6. Which invader of India was known as the 'Sword of Islam'? Mahmud of Ghazni 7. From which dynasty did Babur obtain the Kohinoor Daimond? The Lodhis 8. Which Mughal emperor issued gold and silver coins bearing the signs of the Zodiac? Jahangir