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Sports Quiz

1. In tennis, what is 'no man's land'?
Midcourt (neither at the net nor the baseline)

2. Which track and field event is known as 'Suicide in 10 installments'?
The Decathlon, a gruelling event

3. The highest belt in Karate is black. What is the colour of the lowest belt?

4. Excluding the striker, how many pieces are there on the board when a carrom game starts?

5. What are the 2 basic categories in diving events at the Olympic Games?
Platform (or highboard) and Spring board

6. What is the colour a the centre of an archery target?

7. What are the colours of the chequered flag waved at the end of a motor race?
Black and White

8. Which game is played in 3 varieties - horse, cycle and elephant?