Insurance Quiz - 3

Where was the first Life Insurance company was setup in India?


In which year was the first life insurance company was setup in India?


Which was the first life insurance company to be setup in India?

Oriental Life Insurance company

In which year Government of India started publishing returns of Insurance companies in India?


What was the statutory measure been taken to regulate the life business?

Indian Life Insurance Act was passed

Which act was passed to protect the interest of the investors who invest in Insurance?

Insurance Act in 1938

In which year an ordinance was passed to nationalise the Life Insurance sector?


In which year Life Insurance Corporation came into existence?


Which was the first general insurance company to be setup in India?

Triton Insurance Company private limited

In which year Nationalisation of General insurance took place?


Which former RBI governor was heading the committee being setup in the year 1993?

RN Malhotra

In which year IRDA was constituted as an autonomous body?


Ancient American quiz

Where did the Inca Empire rule?
They ruled along the Andes mountain in south American from Ecuador to central Chile

What was the name given to the Gold and Silver by the Incas?
Gold as "The sweat of the sun" and Silver as "The tears of the Moon"

Who were called as K'ul ahau?
The kings of Maya civilizations were called as k'ul ahau

What is Chocolatl?
Chocolatl is a bitter spicy drink made from the beans of the cocoa trees drank by the Aztecs

Who was the last Aztec Ruler?
King Montezuma II

Current Affairs August 2011 - 7

Who won the Test series against India by an Innings and 8 runs, termed to be as worst performance since 1959?

Who became the first bowler to take three hatricks in one-day cricket?
Latish Malinga

Who was honoured with Degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) from IIT - Kharagpur?
Sunil Bharti Mittal

Who won the woman's Cincinnati WTA Title?
Maria Sharapova

Who won the mens doubles Cincinnati WTA Title?
Leander Peas and Mahesh Bhupathi

Name the President of Standard and Poor chief who quit recently.
Deven Sharma

Who becomes the first woman to conquer 14,800 metre summit (K2) without artificial oxygen?
Austrian climber Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner

Which Hollywood studio has made some of its film available online as rentals at social networking site Facebook?

Name the new variant car launched by Tata motors.
Tata Vista

Name the mouse launched by LG recently. Mention its additional feature.
Mouse Scanner

Who has been named as CEO of Apple post Steve Jobs resignation?
Tim Cook

Name the USB 3.0 hard drive launched by Transcend.
StoreJet 25A3, USB 3.0 (compatible with USB 2.0)

Who has been appointed as chairman of the Board of Directors of Press Trust of India?

Name the mouse launched by Microsoft featuring touch strip.
Multi-touch mouse

Which ace Indian football player retired recently?
Bhaichung Bhutia

Marketing Quiz

In advertising for Liquor and Cigarettes are not allowed on T.V

In E-Commerce C2B means Consumer-to-Business

The Balance of payments is the difference in value between a nation's Exports and its Imports

Philip Kotler gave the famous Consumer buying Model

In a market, the kings are Consumers

Protection is directly proportional to Packaging

Actual product comprises of Brand name

Current Affairs August 2011 - 6

Who is all set to introduce Jan Lokpall Bill as a private member's bill in LokSabha?
BJP MP Varun Gandhi

Who has been appointed as joint Managing Director of Hero MotoCorp (formerly Hero Honda)?
Sunil Kant Munjal

Which film director eyes for stake in Indian Premier League team Kochi Tuskers?

Expand Infosys. Who logged out as Chief Mentor and Chairman from the IT giant Infosys on Friday 19th August 2011?
INFOrmation SYStem. N.R.Narayana Murthy

Which company has launched Android tablet priced at Rs.6,250?
LACS (Lakshmi Access Communications Systems)

Which consumer major has launched online game and mobile app to promote corporate awareness?
Reckitt Benckiser

Who won the Cincinnati Masters title held at Ohio recently?
Andy Murray

Who won his first US PGA Tour title at the Wyndham Championship?
Webb Simpson

Which Bank has sought support of Rs.300 crore from the Government to fund business growth?
Corporation Bank

Who surpassed Sunil Gavaskar's record of 34 hundreds in Test Cricket recently?
Rahul Dravid

Where and at which event was Jon 'Eggman' Egging a British pilot killed recently?
Near Bournemouth Airport in Dorset. At an Airshow in Britain

Which Indian city turns 372 today (22nd August 2011)?

Name the Marxist historian and Indologist who passed away recently.
Ram Sharan Sharma

Which feature has google launched as music blog for users of Google Music Beta?
Google Magnifier

Name the deposit scheme that Indian Bank has launched for people under the financial inclusion plan.
Variable Recurring Deposit Scheme

Completion of Sentences

His _____ remarks are often embarrassing because of their frankness
i) sadistic ii) subtle iii) ingenuous iv) only (i)

Over indulgence _______ character as well as stamina.
i) maintains ii) stimulates iii) debilitates iv) none of these

He was not ______ and preferred to be alone most of the time.
i) cordial ii) gracious iii) antisocial iv) gregarious

By the time is is 5 p.m. I _______ 12km today.
i) shall be walking ii) shall have walked iii) shall walk iv) all of these

I dont have many ________ but have many friends who are not gentlemen.
i) gentlemen-friends ii) gentlemen-friend iii) gentlemen-friendly iv)only (iii)

Can you speak French? Yes, I have learnt ________ in France
i) speaking it ii) how to speak it iii) it to speak iv) none of these

It has been raining since morning, I wish it _______
i) would stop raining ii) stopped raining iii) stopped to rain iv) stops raining

I ________ trouble with my bike these days.
i) have experienced ii) am experiencing iii) had been experiencing iv) have been experiencing

Sample Questions for Bank Exam

India's foreign exchange reserves as on 20th May 2011 is?
$308 billion

Which country is set to host the annual IMF-World Bank meet in 2012?

In which year was Indian Partnership Act launched?

Expand ARS.
Automatic Refinance Scheme

When was SIDBI set up in India?

How well do we know Raghuram Rajan?
Raghuram Rajan has served as Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund

NABARD holds one percent shareholding of?

RBI has sole right to issue __________ in India.
Paper currency

Repo Rate is a rate at which RBI lends ________ to the banks.
Short-term money

What is reviewed by RBI every 6 weeks?
Monetary Policy

Current Affairs August 2011 - 5

Which service has Yahoo launched to allow users to enjoy full-length movies for free?

Who has taken charge as HAL's Director Corporate Planning and Marketing?
Baldev Singh

Who has been named captain for Women's Asian Champions Trophy hockey tournament?
Saba Anjum

Which former cricketer also secretary of Bihar Jharkhand Cricket Association passed away due to brain hemorrhage?
Ramesh Saxena

Which Indian oil gaints are allowed to dig oil at the Gulf of Mannar?
ONGC and Cairn India

Name the tablet model launched by Beetel in India.
Beetel Magiq, priced at 9,999

Who has been renamed as Indian hockey team's captain for inaugural Asian Champions Trophy in Ordos, China?
Rajpal Singh

Who has been appointed as director for Whirlpool Corporation?
Harish Manwani

Which Bill in India is set to be tabled in Winter Parliament session?
Food bill

What position does India hold in Golf after Nomura Cup?
3rd place

Which Academy Award winner for Best Original Song (for Jai Ho) and the Padma Bhushan recipient turned 75 years?
Sampoorna Singh Kalra (Gulzar)

Which art director who had been associated with movies like Raavan, Guru, Rang De Basanti etc. passed away recently?
Samir Chandra

Which company replaced Reliance Industries as most valued company in the elite of 30 companies that constitutes the Sensex?
Coal India

How many from India are set to participate in the World athletics championships to be held in Daegu, Korea from August 27th to September 4th 2011? Name them.
8, Men: Renjith Maheswary (triple jump), Om Prakash Singh (shot put), Vikas Gowda (discus), Gurmeet Singh and Babubhai Panucha (20km walk)
Women: Tintu Luka (800m), Mayookha Johny (long jump and triple jump) and Harwant Kaur (discus)

Which company will title sponsor for Indian GP to be held on the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida on October 30th 2011?

Science quiz -Biology 2

Which Indian Scientist won the noble prize for genetic code?

Who discovered Kala Azar fever?

Who made the first Heart transplant in India?

What is the other name for Mendel's first law?
Law of Segregation

Which book was written by Lamarck?
Philosophie Zoologique

What is the Scientific name of Cobra?

Which layer of the skin contains Living Cell?

Who proposed the theory of population?
Thomas Robert Malthus

Science quiz -Biology 2

Which Indian Scientist won the noble prize for genetic code?

Who discovered Kala Azar fever?

Who made the first Heart transplant in India?

What is the other name for Mendel's first law?
Law of Segregation

Which book was written by Lamarck?
Philosophie Zoologique

What is the Scientific name of Cobra?

Which layer of the skin contains Living Cell?

Who proposed the theory of population?
Thomas Robert Malthus

Science Quiz - Physics

Which Electrolyte is used it Copper Voltameter?
Copper Sulphate

Who invented adding machine?
Blaise Pascal

What is the unit used to measure illumination?

What is odometer?
Odometer is an instrument used to indicate the distance traveled by an automobile

Who is the first Indian to go into the space?
Rakesh Sharma

Which is the nearest star to the sun?
Proxima Centauri

What is Atmometer?
Atmometer is a scientific instrument used to measure to rate of evaporation of water

What is the other name for Methane?
Marsh Gas

HRM Awards 2011

Hays Award for Employer of ChoiceGoogle
Hudson Award for Champion of HRTan Ser Kiat - Group CEO, 
Singapore Health Services
Robert Walters Award for Best HR LeaderGeraldine Lee, CHRO, 
NTUC First Campus Co-Operative
Outstanding Contribution to HRRoger Collantes, CEO, 
Global Learning Solutions
Innovation in RecruitmentResorts World Sentosa
Best HR Young GunKhushi Marfatia, HR Business Partner, 
Categories SEAA, 
Unilever Asia andWendy Seah, 
HR Analyst, Deutsche Bank
Randstad Award for Best HR ManagerLiew Hui Mian, Manager - Training & Development, Marina Bay Sands
Centre for Creative Leadership Award for Best Leadership DevelopmentDeutsche Bank
Best Performance and Productivity PracticesMinistry of Manpower
Grass Roots Asia Pacific Award for Best Reward and Recognition StrategiesOlam International
ST701 Award for Best Employer BrandingMcDonald's Restaurants
Best Graduate Development PracticesA*Star
Best Use of TechnologyHewlett-Packard Singapore
Best Retention StrategiesUnilever Asia
Best Change Management PracticesKraft Foods Singapore
Best Corporate and Employee CitizenshipThe Body Shop International (Asia Pacific) and 
Standard Chartered Bank Singapore
Aviva Award for Fair Employment PracticesThe Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Best Mature Workforce PracticesLand Transport Authority
Kaplan Professional Award for 
Best Training, Learning and Development
Deutsche Bank
Best Work-Life HarmonyLand Transport Authority
Kelly Selection Award for 
Best HR Team
Ministry of Manpower
Best Regional HR Practices (Asia)Unilever Asia

Books and Authors - 5

1. Who is the author of 'Edge of Time'
Kalpana Chawla

2. Who released the book 'Black, Brown and The Bule'?
Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya

3. Who is the author of 'Great Indians - Surendranath Banarjee to Gandhi'?
Balraj Krishna

4. Who is the author of 'Civil Disobedience - Two Freedom Struggles, One Life'?

5. Who is the author of 'Grit Guts and Gallantary - Officers and Gentleman of the Indian Army'?
Mahip Chadha

6. Who recently launched a book 'Cricket World Cup'?
Kamal Jhulka

7. Who released the book 'Matters of Discretion' recently?
Former Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral

8. Who is the author of 'Shangai Cooperation Organisation'?

9. Who is the author of 'Democracy and Democratization in the Gulf'?
Gulshan Dietl

10. Who is the author of 'India's New Foreign Policy in the New Millennium'?
Raj Kumar Kothari

HRM Awards 2011

Hays Award for Employer of Choice Google
Hudson Award for Champion of HR Tan Ser Kiat - Group CEO, 
Singapore Health Services
Robert Walters Award for Best HR Leader Geraldine Lee, CHRO, 
NTUC First Campus Co-Operative
Outstanding Contribution to HR Roger Collantes, CEO, 
Global Learning Solutions
Innovation in Recruitment Resorts World Sentosa
Best HR Young Gun Khushi Marfatia, HR Business Partner, 
Categories SEAA, 
Unilever Asia and Wendy Seah, 
HR Analyst, Deutsche Bank
Randstad Award for Best HR Manager Liew Hui Mian, Manager - Training & Development, Marina Bay Sands
Centre for Creative Leadership Award for Best Leadership Development Deutsche Bank
Best Performance and Productivity Practices Ministry of Manpower
Grass Roots Asia Pacific Award for Best Reward and Recognition Strategies Olam International
ST701 Award for Best Employer Branding McDonald's Restaurants
Best Graduate Development Practices A*Star
Best Use of Technology Hewlett-Packard Singapore
Best Retention Strategies Unilever Asia
Best Change Management Practices Kraft Foods Singapore
Best Corporate and Employee Citizenship The Body Shop International (Asia Pacific) and 
Standard Chartered Bank Singapore
Aviva Award for Fair Employment Practices The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Best Mature Workforce Practices Land Transport Authority
Kaplan Professional Award for 
Best Training, Learning and Development
Deutsche Bank
Best Work-Life Harmony Land Transport Authority
Kelly Selection Award for 
Best HR Team
Ministry of Manpower
Best Regional HR Practices (Asia) Unilever Asia

Current Affairs August 2011 - 4

What is the food inflation as on July 30th 2011?
9.90 per cent

Name the Indo-Canadian who has been appointed the president and CEO of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC)?
Karna Gupta

Which car model has Maruti Suzuki set to unveil in the Indian market?
Maruti 800cc

Which three banks are planning a Joint Venture commercial bank in Malaysia?
Bank of Baroda, Andhra Bank and Indian Overseas Bank

Who is to replace Arvind Jadhav as Air India chief?
Rohit Nandan

Which bollywood actor passed away recently?
Shammi Kapoor

Which Bank's net profit dip to about 45% as it disclosed its Q1 earnings?
State Bank of India

Who won the ATP Montreal Masters title?
Novak Djokovic

Who won the bronze medal at the World Badminton Championship after a gap of 28 years?
Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa

Name the former NASDAQ MD who has been sentenced to 42 months in prison and has been ordered to forfeit over $700,000 illegal profits made during his role in an insider trading scheme.
Donald Johnson

Which country's President has called for national government by August 21st 2011?
Nepal, President Dr.Ram Baran

Which telecom company increased call tariffs by 20% recently?
Reliance Communications

Which section of education is to be made Universal unlike elementary education in India?
Secondary Education

What is the West Bengal government planning to setup for medical benefits to remote corner people?
Health Bank

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Dronacharya Awards, Dhyan Chand Awards 2011

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
Gagan Narang Shooting
Dronacharya Awards
Inukurthi Venkateshwara Rao Boxing
Devender Kumar Rathore Gymnastics
Ramphal Wrestling
Kuntal Roy Athletics
Rajinder Singh Hockey
Dhyan Chand Awards
Shabbir Ali Football
Sushil Kohli Swimming
Rajkumar Wrestling

Arjuna Awards 2011

Zaheer Khan Cricket
Rahul Banerjee Archery
Preeja Sreedharan Athletics
Jwala Gutta Badminton
Suranjoy Singh Boxing
Sunil Chhetri Football
Rajpal Singh Hockey
Rakesh Kumar Kabaddi
Tejaswini Sawant Shooting
Virdhawal Khade Swimming
Ashish Kumar Gymnastics
Somdev Devvarman Tennis
Ravinder Singh Wrestling
Ravi Kumar Weightlifting
Vikas Gowda Athletics
Sandhya Rani Wushu
Prasanta Karmakar Swimming
Sanjay Kumar Volleyball
Tejaswini Kabaddi

General Knowledge Quiz

Which is the world's First international town to be sponsored by UNESCO?
Auroville in Pondicherry

Who is the architect of the city of Chandigarh?
Charles Edouard Jeanneret

Which British Prime Minister was nick named as "Iron Butterfly"?
Margaret Thatcher

Name the new religion formed by Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Which State is called as "Spice Garden of India"?

What is the autobiography of Kapil Dev called?
By God's Decree

Who is the founder of The Branch of Geology?
James Hutton

Who was the first film star to appear on a postal stamp?
Grace Kelly

Current Affairs August 2011 - 3

Who won his first World Golf Championship title?
Adam Scott

Who became the first bowler to clinch 6 wickets in a Twenty20 International Cricket?
Ajantha Mendis

What is the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from a third-party ATM per transaction?

Which Indian University recently signed pact with university of Sydney?
Anna University

For which programme an Indian student pursuing her Ph.D in chemical biology from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research chosen?
SciFinder Academic Exchange Program

Which company has launched 3G Tablet priced at Rs.12,999 with special data plans in India?

What is the extension period given to RBI Governor D.Subbarao?
2 years (untill Spetember 4th 2013)

Which Insurance company is set to sue Bank of America to recover about $10 billion?
AIG (American International Group Inc)

Which company has collaborated with Singapore Management University for a R&D facility for cloud-based IT solutions?

Which Bank has launced Debit Card with credit limit? Name the card.
IDBI Bank. IDBI Magic Card

Who has been appointed as CEO for Bharti Airtel's broadband and DTH services?
Rajiv Rajagopal for Broadband and data services and Shashi Arora for DTH and media services

Who has entered the 2nd round of the World Badminton Championships defeating Germany's Domke Dieter?

Which Indian women cricketer has been suspended from bowling in international cricket for illegal action?
Snehal Pradhan

Name the project under which all post offices in India are to be provided with Internet connectivity.
India Post Technology Project 2012

Which two districts in Karnataka is set to get RAHI airports?
Shimoga and Gulbarga

Banking Quiz India - Bank Exam questions

In which year all three presidency banks were merged and called as Imperial Bank of India?


Which bank was the first bank to be established by Indian Merchants?

Union Bank

Which reputed bank was being setup in Lahore and which is still functioning?

Punjab National Bank

Which was the first Indian Joint stock bank and when was it setup?

Oudh Commercial Bank established in1881

Which is called as Cardle of Indian Banking?

Dakshin Kannada district in Karnataka

For what purpose the Banking Regulation Act was passed in 1949?

To regulate, control and inspect the Banks in India

In which year 14 Commercial Banks were Nationalised?

19th July,1969

In which year another 6 banks were Nationalised?


Which Indian Prime minister gave green signal for Liberalisation inturn leading to setting up of Private Banks in India?

P.V.Narasimha Rao

Which bank was the first private bank to be setup after Liberalisation?

Global Trust Bank

Which bank was established to promote the investment in the property market?

National Housing Bank

Bank quiz question and answers for Bank exams

Which is the apex bank or central bank in India?

Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

When did Reserve Bank of India come into existence?

April 1, 1935

Upon which commission’s recommendations RBI was setup?

Hilton and Young Commission

In which year Hilton and Young Commission submitted its report?


Where was the head office of Reserve Bank of India when it came to existence?

Kolkata, Bengal

In which year Reserve Bank of India was Nationalised?


In which year Banking Regulation Act was passed?


Which was the first bank to be setup in India?

General Bank of India in 1786

Which were the banks being established under the charter of British East India Company?

Bank of Bengal
Bank of Bombay
Bank of Madras

Bank of Bengal, Bank of Madras, Bank of Bombay was also known as?

Presidency Banks

World President - 2


Zillur Rahman
Alexander Lukashenko
Yayi Boni
Evo Morales
Ian Khama
Dilma Rousseff
Georgi Parvanov
Burma (Myanmar)
Thein Sein
Pierre Nkurunziza

Current Affairs August 2011 - 2

On which planet has Nasa found the first evidence of flowing water recently?

Which two industries of Japan are set to merge?
Hitachi and Mitsubishi

Which Legendary singer's 81st birth anniversary was celebrated on 4th August 2011?
Kishore Kumar

Parts of which African country is hit by Famine according to United Nations?

Which model has Harley-Davidson launched in India priced at Rs.19.7 lakh?
Fat Boy Special

Which service did Vodafone roll out in Bangalore recently?
3G services

Where is the Hockey Asian Champions Trophy is to be held?
Ordos, China

Name the ex-PM of Ukraine who was arrested recently.
Yulia Tymoshenko

Who has become first female prime minister of Thailand?
Yingluck Shinawatra

Where is the Folksam Grand Prix meet being held?
Karlstad, Sweden
What is the downgraded credit rating given by S&P to USA?

Which cricketer has been recalled to One-Day match against England after 2 years?
Rahul Dravid

Whose maiden century in Twenty20 cricket against Australia set Sri Lanka a 35 run victory?
Tilakaratne Dilshan

Which South African fast bowler cricketer celebrated his 100th birthday recently?
Norman Gordon

Which Taiwan company has recently launched tablet PCs priced at Rs.15,000?
Micro-Star International (MSI)

General Awareness with respect to Banking Industry

IBPS - Institute of Banking Personnel Selection
RBI - Reserve Bank of India
BOB - Bank of Baroda
BOI - Bank of India
BOM - Bank of Maharashtra
IOB - Indian Overseas Bank
OBC - Oriental Bank of Commerce
PNB - Punjab National Bank
RRB - Regional Rural Bank

Egyptian History Quiz

What is hieroglyphs?
It is the form of writing used by the Egyptians which is made up of 700 different picture signs

What is the meaning of the word Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt?
Pharaoh means "great house" or "palace"

Who was the Longest ruler of the Ancient Egyptian History?
Pharaoh Pepu II ruled for 94 years

What is Deshret?
Deshret means "The Red Land" its the name given to the desert land on either side of the river Nile

What are Canopic Jars?
Canopic Jars were used by the ancient Egyptians to store the internal organs of the dead pharaoh during mummification

Which was the last dynasty of the Ancient Egypt?
Ptolemaic Dynasty

Nandi Awards 2011

Best Film (Gold)
2nd Best Film (Silver)
3rd Best Film (Bronze)
Most Popular Fiim
Maryada Ramanna
Special jury award
Sunil (Maryada Ramanna)
Best Family Film
Andari Bandhuvaya
Best Actor
Nandamuri Balakrishna (Simha)
Best Actress
Nitya Menon (Ala Modalaindi)
Best Comedian (Male)
Dharmavarapu Subramanyam
Best Comedian (Female)
Best Villian
Nagineedu (Maryada Ramanna)
Best Singer (Male)
Keeravani (Maryada Ramanna)
Best Singer (Female)
Pranavi (Sneha Geetham)
Best Music director
Chakri (Simha)
1st Film Best Director
Nandini Reddy (Ala Modalaindi)
Best Choreographer
Prem Rakshit (Adhurs)
Special Jury Award
Samanta (Ye Maaya Chesave)

Current Affairs August 2011

Who has been ranked world No.1 in double trap shooting as per the ISSF world rankings?
Ronjan Sodhi

Iscom along with Elmwood College, St.Andrew's UK has launched a Post-Graduate course for which sporting event?
Post-graduate programme in golf management

Which is Apple's latest Operating System?
OS X Lion

Who won the Citi Open WTA doubles title held in USA?
Sania Mirza and Yaroslava Shvedova

Which UK-listed miner gets formal approval from the Indian government for its acquisition of stake in Cairn India?
Vedanta Resources or Vedanta

Which Tata group firm is set to open online consumer durables and electronics store?
Tata Croma

Which company has launched its first Financial Technology Grid to offer services in banking domain?
Polaris software

Which computer manufacturer has introduced rupee symbol on desktop computer keyboard, compatible with Microsoft softwares?

Which country has approved plans to setup first Tibetian bank?

Who has been appointed as consulting head for India at Capgemini?
Anish Sarkar

Name the sedan unveiled by Nissan India.

Who has been sworn in a Karnataka's Chief Minister?
D.V.Sadananda Gowda

Which molecule has been found in Orion constellation of stars?
1 molecule of Oxygen was found for every million hydrogen molecules

Name the version of Media Reader launched by Kingston.
USB 3.0 Media Reader

Which bank has launched a service of accepting income tax payment through ATMs?

NDTV Gadget Guru Awards 2011

Application of the Year
Flip board
Audio Product of the Year 
(Below Rs.1 lakh)
Dre Beatbox
Budget Phone of the Year
Nokia C3
Computer Peripheral of the Year
HP ePrinter series
Design of the Year
Samsung 3D LED TV UA55C9000
Gaming Hardware of the Year
Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360
Imaging Device of the Year
Sony NE-5
Innovation of the Year
Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360
Portable audio product of the Year
Appli iPod Nano
Smartphone of the Year
Samsung Galaxy S
TV of the Year
Samsung LED TV U4A6C8000
Audio Tech of the Year
Consumer Electronic of the Year
Bose VideoWave Entertainment System
Brand Ambassador of the Year
Sonam Kapoor
Computing device of the Year
Apple iPad
NDTV Gadget of the Year -
Viewer's Choice
Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360
NDTV Gadget of the Year-
Jury's Choice
Apple iPad

Indian Railway Budget Quiz - 2011

What is the concession age proposed for the women in railway budget 2011?
58 years

What is the percentage of concession given to the senior citizens in railway budget 2011?

What is the name of the train which was introduced by railways to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda?
Vivek Express

What is the name given to the special trains to promote tourism?
Janam Bhoomi Gaurav

For which occasion was the "Kavi Guru Train" run?
To celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Kavi Guru Rabindranath Tagore

What is the increased scholarship for the girl child of gang men and group 'D' employees of railways in railways budget 2011?
Rs.1200 per month for higher education

What is the name given to the new rail line between Delhi-Mumbai which would start early 2012?
Golden Rail Corridor

What is the name of the multi-purpose smart card which would be introduced on pilot basis which can be used in booking counters, vending machines, internet etc?

Name the device which is approved by railways to avoid collision of trains?
Anti Collision Device(ACD)

What is the year 2011-12 called by the Railway minister Mamata Banerjee?
Year of Green Energy

Current Affairs July 2011 - 7

Which motorcycle has Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Private Ltd. recently launched?
CBR 250R

Who won the ladies National snooker championship?
Vidya Pillai

Who won the 2000th Test cricket held at Lords Cricket Ground?

Which frenchman after 25 years won the German Open Tennis tournament?
Gilles Simon

Who won the Indonesian International Challenge badminton championship 2011?
Pusarla Venkata Sindhu

Who has been appointed as Lokayukta of Karnataka to succeed Santosh Hegde?
Justice Shivraj V.Patil

Who has been named vice president for Boeing Defence, Space and Security in India?
Dennis D.Swanson

Which Indian tennis player holds career best rank of 62 in the singles list?
Somdev Devvarman

What is Repo and Reverse Repo rate as on 26th July 2011?
Repo: 8% and Reverse Repo: 7%

Which country has agreed for a meeting between its Nobel Laureate, pro-democracy activist Aung Suu Kyi and Minister of Social Welfare U Aung Kyi?

Who has been named as the global co-CEO of Standard Chatered Bank's private equity?
Nainesh Jaisingh

Who has been appointed as co-CEO to succeed Management Board chairman, Josef Ackermann?
Anshu Jain

Name the project of Mozilla's operating system that is set to work on mobile devices and tablets.
Boot to Gecko (B2G)

Which business and technology outsourcing services provider has been named in the GlobalServices 100 list for the 5th consecutive year?

Which Noida-based hospital running under the brand Ojjus Medicare has got nod for the IPO aggregating to Rs,62 crore?
Goodwill Hospital and Research Center Ltd.

Which poets death anniversary would be remembered on 8th August in India?
Rabindranath Tagore

Draft of which anti-corruption bill was approved by Union Cabinet on 28th July 2011?
Lokpal Bill

Which of the two Indians were awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award 2011?
Nileema Mishra for helping the poor and Harish Hande for revolutionizing the use of solar lights

Which Operating System celebrated its 30th birthday on July 27th?
DOS (Disk Operating System), 27th July 1981

Who has been appointed as national team coach for Argentina's football team?
Alejandro Sabella

Which cricketer equalled Sunil Gavaskar's tally of 34 test hundreds?
Rahul Dravid ' The Wall'

Who resigned as Chief Minister of Karnataka?

Who took over as chief of Indian Air Force?

Who won the Hungarian Grand Prix 2011?
Jenson Button

Which Indian qualified for London Olympics 2012 for Short put event?
Om Prakash Singh

Current Affairs July 2011 - 6

Which company acquired the
Citrix Systems

Who has joined Gordon Brothers Group as Chief Executive Officer?
Gary Talarico

Which country is all set to shut 40% (800 approx.) of its data centres to reduce hefty technology budget?

Which U.S.Secretary met Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha recently?
Hilary Clinton

Which social networking site has turned 5 years?

Who has been named as Sri Lanka's captain for upcoming Australian series?

Which Ace Indian shooter is set to get Khel Ratna?
Gagan Narang

Which missile was recently test-fired successfully at Chandipur, Orrisa?

Who is all set to take over as CMD of NMDC?

Which company formally opened its assembly plant at Rosslyn, South Africa?
Tata Motors

Who has been appointed as solicitor-general following the resignation of Gopal Subramaniam?
Rohinton Nariman

Who became 2nd highest run scorer in Test cricket surpassing Ricky Ponting's record?
Rahul Dravid

Which program of IIM Indore did recently get HRD ministry's approval?
5-year management program

Who won the 1st Hangzhou Women's Grandmasters Tournament in China?
Dronavalli Harika

Name the Chairman and CEO of TAFE who has been inducted into the board of AGCO.
Mallika Srinivasan

Who won the 2011 German GP?
Lewis Hamilton

Which former Australian opening batsman is set to return to competitive cricket (Big Bash League T20)?
Matthew Hayden

Which Indian swimmer qualified for the 2012 London Olympics?
Sandeep Sejwal

Which country has launched its new currency?

Which singer is all set to perform at the Royal Albert Hall where the first Carnatic music is scheduled in the 116-year history of BBC proms?
Aruna Sairam

Entrepreneur India Awards 2011

Name of the Awardee
Innovative Start-up of the Year
Vikas Swami,
Networkers Home
Entrepreneur of the Year (Trading)
Rahul Mehta,
Indian Home Variations & Distributions LLP
Entrepreneur of the Year (Consumer Business)
Subhasish Chakraborty,
DTDC Courier and Cargo Ltd.
Entrepreneur of the Year (Manufacturing)
Sunil Chari,
Rossari Biotech Ltd
Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year (Business Transformation)
Vikaas Gutgutia,
Ferns N Petals Pvt. Ltd.
Entrepreneur of the Year (Innovation in Technology)
Yogesh Bansal,
Professional Entrepreneur of the Year
Om Manchanda,
Dr Lal PathLabs Pvt Ltd.
Entrepreneur of the Year (Innovation in Financial and Business Services)
Honey Katiyal, Investers Clinic Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
Social Entrepreneur of the Year
S. V. Krishnan & Ms. Sudha Krishnan,
ACE Experiences Asia Private Ltd.
Creative Entrepreneur of the Year
Vinod Jain, Magppie
Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Ameera Shah, 
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.
Serial Entrepreneur of the Year
Harish Bahl, 
Fashion and You
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Shahnaz Husain, 
Shahnaz Herbals
Family Entrepreneur of the Year
Rafiq Malik, 
Metro Shoes Ltd.
Business Mentor of the Year
Sam Chopra,
Remax Cybiz Centre
Lifetime Achievement Award
D. K. Jain, Luxor Group
Entrepreneur of the Year
Kunwer Sachdev,
Su-Kam Power System Ltd.