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Banking Quiz India - Bank Exam questions

In which year all three presidency banks were merged and called as Imperial Bank of India?


Which bank was the first bank to be established by Indian Merchants?

Union Bank

Which reputed bank was being setup in Lahore and which is still functioning?

Punjab National Bank

Which was the first Indian Joint stock bank and when was it setup?

Oudh Commercial Bank established in1881

Which is called as Cardle of Indian Banking?

Dakshin Kannada district in Karnataka

For what purpose the Banking Regulation Act was passed in 1949?

To regulate, control and inspect the Banks in India

In which year 14 Commercial Banks were Nationalised?

19th July,1969

In which year another 6 banks were Nationalised?


Which Indian Prime minister gave green signal for Liberalisation inturn leading to setting up of Private Banks in India?

P.V.Narasimha Rao

Which bank was the first private bank to be setup after Liberalisation?

Global Trust Bank

Which bank was established to promote the investment in the property market?

National Housing Bank


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