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Completion of Sentences

His _____ remarks are often embarrassing because of their frankness
i) sadistic ii) subtle iii) ingenuous iv) only (i)

Over indulgence _______ character as well as stamina.
i) maintains ii) stimulates iii) debilitates iv) none of these

He was not ______ and preferred to be alone most of the time.
i) cordial ii) gracious iii) antisocial iv) gregarious

By the time is is 5 p.m. I _______ 12km today.
i) shall be walking ii) shall have walked iii) shall walk iv) all of these

I dont have many ________ but have many friends who are not gentlemen.
i) gentlemen-friends ii) gentlemen-friend iii) gentlemen-friendly iv)only (iii)

Can you speak French? Yes, I have learnt ________ in France
i) speaking it ii) how to speak it iii) it to speak iv) none of these

It has been raining since morning, I wish it _______
i) would stop raining ii) stopped raining iii) stopped to rain iv) stops raining

I ________ trouble with my bike these days.
i) have experienced ii) am experiencing iii) had been experiencing iv) have been experiencing