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Completion of Sentences - 2

I wish I _____ her, now.
i) will meet ii) met iii) have met iv) meet

None are watched but by ______ fault.
i) one's ii) his iii) our iv) their

Let us have some tea now, _____ we?
i) shall ii) do iii) aren't iv) will

If he ____ honest, we could appoint him.
i) were ii) was iii) is iv) will be

He was wrongly charged ____ murder.
i) of ii) about iii) with iv) for

I was fed up ____ eating the same bread and butter.
i) of ii) in iii) at iv) with

He ____ in life by dint of hard work.
i) came up ii) came in iii) came out iv) came off

Why do you worry ____ such small things?
i) about ii) in iii) of iv) at