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Dasara or Dussehra or Navaratri Quiz

What is the significance of Vijayadashmi?

It denotes the victory of truth over the evil

Which Asura was killed on Vijayadashmi?


Who killed Mahishasura?

Goddess Chamundeshwari

During which era celebration of Dasara festival began?

Vijayanagar Kingdom

Who was the first king from Wodeyar family to perform the puja during Dasara?

Raja Wodeyar

Where is Chamundehswari temple located in Karnataka?

Chamundi Hills, Mysore

By what name Dasara procession is famous?

Jamboo Savari

Which animal will be the centre of attraction during Dasara festival?


Which god is worshipped during Dasara festival?

Goddess Durga

Who currently holds the Durbar/Darbar during dasara festival?

Srikantadatta Narasimharaj Wodeyar

Which tree will be worshipped during Dasara festival?

Banni Tree (Shami Tree/Prosopsis Spicegera)

What is the centre of attraction during dasara festival?


Which king started Dasara exhibition first?

Chamaraja Wodeyar 10

Which sport is famous during dasara and attracts many sportsmen?

Wrestling (Kusti spardhe)


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