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Indian History - 8

Who compiled Adigranth?
i) Guru Teg Bahadur ii) Guru Nanak iii) Guru Arjun Dev iv) Guru Govind Singh

Shivaji festival was organised by
i) Gokhale ii) Gandhiji iii) Savarkar iv) Tilak

Magna Carta was signed in 1215A.D by
i) King John II ii) Victoria iii) Napoleon iv) Elizabeth

The first Viceroy of India was
i) Warren Hastings ii) Rajaji iii) Lord Mount Batten iv) Lord Canning

Doctrine of Lapse was introduced by
i) Lord Rippon ii) Warren Hastings iii) Lord Dalhousie iv) Lord Corn Wallis

The French revolution took place in the year
i) 1545 ii) 1789 iii) 1548 iv) 1776

The main occupation of Aryans was
i) Sea Trade ii) Hunting iii) Small and Cottage industry iv) Agriculture

The metals used by the Indus Valley people were
i) Gold and Silver ii) Lead iii) Copper and Tin iv) All of these