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Apple Inc - a brief note

Who are the founders of Apple Incorporation?

Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak

In which year Apple incorporation started its operations?

1976 (April 1st)

Where is the headquarters of Apple Inc located?

California, USA

In which stock exchange Apple Inc is been listed?


What is the symbol of Apple Inc which is been traded in Nasdaq?


Who is the current CEO of Apple Inc?

Tim Cook

Which is Apple's famous Brand in the Mobile phone segment?


By what name Apple's first product was known as?

Apple 1

On which date Apple 2 was launched?

April 16,1977

What are the different hardware brands which Apple owns?

Desktop computers, Laptops, Ipods, Iphone and Ipad

What are the different softwares owned by Apple?

Mac Operating system,Safari web browser and Itunes

In which year Apple introduced Macintosh Portable?