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Bank Exam sample question and answers, 28th October 2011

Who declared Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting open?
Queen Elizabeth II

Name the all-electric car launched by china recently.
BYD e6

Name the statue which celebrated 125 years in New York, United States.
Statue of Liberty

Who has been appointed as Indian football coach?
Savio Medeira

How much does the world's largest gold coin portraying kangaroo on one side and the queen's profile on the other weighs?
1,012kg (nominal value of 1,000,000 Australian dollars)

Which country's per capita has BRICS nations set to surpass?

Name the 14-day health programme set to take off from 1st November in Kerala to create diabetic awareness on the World Diabetes Day, November 14th 2011.
Walk to Health

Who is set to perform at the Formula One after-party in Greater Noida on October 30th 2011?
Lady Gaga

Which country scientists have claimed to have created the world's first drug which could prevent blindness from cataracts?

Which country scientists have claimed to have developed artificial blood and is just 2 years away before being used in transfusions?


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