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CLT20 Quiz - Sports Quiz 2011

When did Champions League T20 Kick started?
October 2009

Who is the chairperson of the CLT20 tournament?
Mr.Shashank Manohar

How many countries are part of CLT20 tournament?

Who won the title sponsor rights for CLT20 tournament for first 2 years?

Which company suceeded Airtel as the title sponsor for CLT20 tournament for the next four years?

Which team won the first ever CLT20 title?
New South Wales (NSW)

New South Wales defeated which team in the finals of 2009?
Trinidad & Tobago

Who clinched the CLT20 title in the year 2010?
Chennai Super Kings

Who has composed the theme song for CLt20?

Which spanish singer proposed a new song for the second edition of CLT20 tournament(CLT20 2010)?
Enrique Iglesias

In which country was the inaugural CLT20 tournament held?

In which country was the second edition of CLT20 tournament held?
South Africa

In which country 2011 CLT20 tournament was held?