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Currrent Affairs of 21st October 2011

Name the Sarod maestro who is set to teach at the Stanford University.
Amjad Ali Khan

Which country won the UNSC Security Council seat joining India as a 2year non-permanent member?

At what price did rupee trade ended against dollar as on 21st October 2011?
50.02 per dollar

Which professional social networking site recently launched its Japanese language version?
LinkedIn Corp

Name the company Saab India Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with and inaugurated its a Research and Development Centre.
Mahindra Satyam

6. Name the F1 caricature book launched by Karun Chandhok, the brainchild of artist Shijo Varghese.

Which medal did Indian women win at the Asian Archery championship?

Who has been appointed as Mayor of Chennai?
Saidai Duraisamy