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GK for UPSC exams 25th October 2011

What is the current repo and reverse repo rate(as on 25th October 2011)?
Repo - 8.50% and Reverse repo - 7.50%

Who won the series between India and England ODI cricket recently?

Which country has been elected to serve on the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of UNO recently?

Which country's track is the additionally added to Formula 1 from 2013 season?
New Jersey

Name the film-maker who directed T D Dasan Std.VI B passed away recently.
Mohan Raghavan

Name the limbless amphibian from Western Ghats discovered recently.
Ichthyophis davidi

Name the novel on the basis of which U.R.Ananthamurthy has been shortlisted for South Asian literature prize.
Bharathipura(translated into English by Susheela Punitha)

Who won the record chase against New Zealand in ODI cricket recently?
Zimbabwe (329/9 in 49.5 Overs at 6.60rpo)