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Quiz on Allahabad Bank for IBPS exam

In which year Allahabad Bank commenced its operations?
1865 April 24th

Who founded Allahabad Bank?
Group of Europeans

Where is Allahabad Bank's headquarters located?

Who acquired Allahabad Bank at a price of Rs0.436 per share in the year 1920?
P and O Corporation

In which year Allahabad Bank was nationalised by government?

Which bank was acquired by Allahabad Bank in the year 1989?
United Industrial Bank

In which year United Industrial Bank was established?

Whatis thepunchline/Tagline of Allahabad Bank?
A tradition of Trust

In which year a wholly owned subsidiary for Merchant Banking was introduced?

In which year Allahabad Bank issued the shares to general public?

Who is the chairman and Managing Director of Allahabad Bank?
Shri J.P.Dua

In the year 2007 Allahabad Bank opened its first overseas branch at?
Hong Kong