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Sample question and answers for IPS exams, 29th October 2011

Name the Asian Games gold medalist shooter who holds 2nd rank after World Cup triumph.
Ronjan Sodhi

Who has appeared most in T20 Internationals cricket for India?
Dhoni (27)

Name the former minister and wildlife photographer who passed away recently.

Where is the G20 Summit scheduled?
Cannes in the French Riviera

Name the female actor who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame by the International Women's Forum.
Nandita Das

Name the Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister who quit recently.
Jarbom Gamblin

Name the chairman of Xinjiang who is set to visit India.
Nur Berki

Which computer virus could be a next big cyber threat?

Which bollywood female actors wax statue was revealed at Madame Tussauds wax museum?
Kareena Kapoor