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General awareness with respect to Banking Industry, November 2011

A country in general resorts to devaluation of its currency to:
i) Increase overall imports ii) Eliminate surplus in balance of payments iii) Convert deficit in balance of payments iv) Satisfy the conditions laid by IMF

Which of the following sources are used to finance the Indian Five Year Plans?
i) Small savings ii) Government savings iii) Contribution of public enterprises iv) None of these

Which Economist first suggested imposition of Expenditure tax?
i) Musgrave ii) Dalton iii) N.Kaldor iv) J.Hicks

Financial ratio analysis of a company helps in understanding
i) The net worth of the company ii) The short term solvency iii) The reasons for fluctuation in its stock price iv) The profitability

At present, India is following
i) Fixed exchange rate ii) Pegged down exchange rate iii) Floating exchange rate iv) Pegged up exchange rate

Which of the following decade registered highest growth rate in India?
i) 2001-11 ii) 1961-71 iii) 1991-2001 iv) 1971-81

One of the problem in calculating the national income in India is?
i) Low savings ii) Inflation iii) Non-monetized consumption iv) under-employment

Among Indian Economists who had done pioneer work on National Income?
i) Prof.Shenoi ii) V.K.R.V.Rao iii) Jagdish Bhagwati iv) P.N.Dhar