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General Knowledge for School Kids - 14

Cement is ______
i) an ore ii) an element iii) a mixture iv) a compound

Butter is _____
i) an acid ii) a fat iii) an oil iv) condensed milk

Silk is a _____
i) protein ii) carbohydrate iii) fat iv) none of these

Insulin is a ____
i) an enzyme ii) vitamin iii) both i and ii iv) none of these

Diamond is ____
i) nickel ii) sulphur iii) carbon iv) iron ore

Bronze is an alloy of _______
i) tin and zinc ii) copper and zinc iii) aluminium and zinc iv) tin and copper

The human body contains maximum amount of ____
i) water ii) fats iii) protein iv) fats

Natural rubber is made from a white liquid called _____
i) milk ii) latex iii) sap iv) resin